Is there really a Simpsons pic/gif for everything?

Feb 16, 2014
(First off topic thread, be gentle)

GAF, with your help I'd like to answer a question as old as time. For as long as there has been reaction pics, there has been the claim that there is a perfect Simpsons gif or pic in response to everything. During the most obscure and specific conversations someone always manages to weasel in a Simpsons quote and there's always one surprised person who says what we're all thinking.

"Man, there really is a Simpsons pic/gif/quote for everything".

Well detective GAF, is there really? Post any topic or thing and see if someone can fittingly reply with Simpsons.
May 11, 2009
I made a thread about this once too. It also baffles me how people are somehow able to find the specific episode to grab a screenshot from for any situation. The simpsons have been around for a long long long time.