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Is Witcher 2 supposed to be hard?


Gotta use quen and roll in that one. But yeah if you venture to an area outside your current level its not very forgiving.

i suck at games and found witcher 2 pretty easy as long as you use quen all the time.

trick is maintaining quen
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I got hard while playing Witcher 2 after seeing Trish scene, does that count? It became really hard to play coz of that.

Ya rare occasion where video games makes me hard
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2 holds up but 1 is kinda hard on the eyes. I’d watch a recap on YouTube just so u get the story bits.
Witcher 1 is a game that REALLY needs a remake, in fact I've wondered if thats what CDPR's next big game is going to be

As for 2, I played through on Normal, once you get to the Second act, it gets a lot easier, you get used to its systems more, that first act can be brutal when you start

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yeah it's pretty tough. I recently replayed it in my preperation for my first witcher 3 playthrough a few weeks ago and got completely stuck on the swamp boss for hours. I had forgotten most of the mechanics and the game doesn't exactly explain things very well.


Once you get past the tutorial with the soldiers who gang bang you, the game becomes easy... then you meet the K*****, and the difficulty jumps by a huge leap... then you realize for a short while that it's easy again and bam, you run into a boss that martyrizes you and makes you hate CD Projekt forever for this completely cheated boss.

Once you get past that boss, it's a walk in the park. And when you face him again, you give him the beating of his life.

End of the game.
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Or do I just suck at games?

Decided to jump into the Witcher series and start with 2. Tutorial threw like 100 mechanics at me in 5 mins. Doing like the first side quest I stumbled on in chapter 1 and these wraiths are fucking destroying me.
Don't play Witcher 1 then. But yes, Witcher 2 didn't get rid of all the clunkiness yet, it was only in 3 that they really nailed the gameplay loop.


Or do I just suck at games?

Decided to jump into the Witcher series and start with 2. Tutorial threw like 100 mechanics at me in 5 mins. Doing like the first side quest I stumbled on in chapter 1 and these wraiths are fucking destroying me.

I’ve noticed, for me, the difficulty level is not at all what I expected. Hard is fucking brutal and normal feels harder than 90% of games I’ve played.

My ego won’t let me play on easy. Not sure what’s going on here. Combat system is a bit wonky so maybe that has something to do with it.

Also on a side note something is off with the sound mixing. I can barely hear people talk at times. Turned down music and game sound levels while leaving dialogue at max and it seemed to help a little.

Besides that game seems great so far.
I still haven’t finished 2, although I’m in the second half of the game. Probably 3/4.

The start of the game is definitely not friendly, and it took years for me to stick with it. I knew it was there, it just wasn’t clicking. But then it did, and I love it.

If you’re on PC, you might want to look into mods. There’s a few routes to go, but the general consensus is that the perks need augmenting. One of the devs made his own overhaul mod that changes a LOT (including animations), importantly that he condenses all perks into one tier (halving how many are needed) and many other perks allow you to increase the perks per level (I have it at two). One is quite limiting on your build. I also have an unlimited weight limit and auto-loot from enemies, to keep the focus on the gameplay.

My advice lines up with others’ for gameplay: get to know the signs and use oils and potions.

I stopped for a while one time because I couldn’t beat a cave full of Nekkers (IIRC). Just come back later if you hit a wall like that, it’s not necessarily something you have to do right now if it’s a side quest.

Stick with it though, it’s a great game despite its moments of clunk.
The Witcher 2 and 3 are notorious for their reverse difficulty curves, similar to the souls games. They start off really difficult, but then the more you level up and progress the less frustrating they become.

So I'd stick with it, get through the difficult parts at the beginning, and things should get easier once you're a few hours in.


I find that battle in the beginning of witcher one so boring that I can't really get myself to try and beat the game again. I really should try again since I do want to go through all of the games.


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Game has been in my backlog forever. Tried it two times, got to the swamp an just said fuck it. Cant go back after W3.


Yes it is hard for approximately the first 25% of the game. But once you really start to level up it become very manageable and quite easy in last half.


Not hard, just very clunky. I hear complaints about the third game all the time, but this is the real black sheep.


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The Witcher 2 is a weird one.
The first boss is likely the hardest boss in the game, pretty much from then on it gets much easier.
The Witcher 2 is a weird one.
The first boss is likely the hardest boss in the game, pretty much from then on it gets much easier.
I’m not even sure what the first boss battle in chapter 1 would be considered tbh

battle against krayan or whatever that sea creature was called? Battle against the king killing Witcher? Loredo?
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If I remember right, it's pretty hard at the start but gets easier. I recall almost rage quitting actually, very glad I didn't.
The Witcher games makes part of the pantheon of "brilliant games with inverse difficulty". The game is brutally hard at start and gets easier the more you play.

Applies to Witcher, Gothic, Souls games.
Ah yes, Gothic 2, where in the beginning you have to beat up half the merc faction if you want to join, but everyone is much, much stronger than you. Basically impossible to do on your first playthrough, gotta know the game well and exploit fireball scrolls and stuff (or be a god gamer).


It's really hard until you get the swing of it, abuse Quen at first, block, dodge/roll and you'll make it..
after a few upgrade points in the right places that help reduce damage from behind it eases up.
I just took the advice in this thread which has helped a ton

Roll like crazy, prioritize quick attack over strong attack, upgraded armor/sword, use oils and potions like crazy.

Not really using quen because I don’t like that it stops vigor regen. I’ve been spamming aard to break their block/defense and use traps on certain fights. Been using the magic traps, I need to start using item traps more. Should probably start crafting bombs, traps, etc

I haven’t used any mutagens yet. Waiting for a greater strength/power ones. All I have so far are greater vitality which seem worthless and then basic/lesser other ones. Feels like greater mutagens are very rare.
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Not hard. I just remember strugling during a boss fight. Crafiting some extra potions solved the problem. The game is an RPG and wants you to use alot of RPG systems during combat, like making use of alchemy to exploit enemy weakness is probably the biggest thing.
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