JonTron Releases a Statement

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JonTron's Statement

It's basically a double down, no apology really, just "I was flustured guys, I'm not really racist, I just happened to say racist things"




Nine out of ten orphans can't tell the difference.
This is going to be interesting to watch, wonder what his defence/reasoning for being an unapologetic racist is.
Dude should learn how to actually craft an effective argument. Also probably learn that if you're trying to convince people of a thing, using disputed sources isn't the way to go.
Ermm this word 'debate' he keeps using.

I don't think it means what he thinks it means.

Say something fucking stupid, people criticize it - 'lol we're having a debate'.

No son.
Oh god fuck yourself. These niggers only see race, why cant white people be talk about their glorious culture? Piece of shit

Hope his reputation is shot forever
Can't watch right now, but can I assume that he takes no personal responsibility for what he says and is instead upset that there are consequences to his actions?

Also, can I assume that "get fucked JonTron" is an appropriate response?
Someone give me a summary. Would not rather give him a click.
He opens with the suggestion that his debate was being taken out of context by various media outlets and promoting ideas he doesn't really believe, and then cops to the fact he choked under the pressure of a public debate and didn't express himself very well. He then attempted to express himself much better, thanks to having a prepared statement ready to go, and read from it, essentially backing up all the ignorant beliefs at the core of every single dumb utterance that fell from his fucking head during the debate. There is no real apology, and the only regret he seems to have is for his own lack of preparation. He apparently believes if he'd prepared more, nobody would be mad at him.

So it's a "Sorry not sorry. Don't trust what the media says about me."
He wasn't prepared for the debate and his statements could be/were misconstrued.

So... Yeah.
It's hard to misconstrue "wealthy blacks commit more crimes than poor whites" as anything BUT racist as fuck.

Not gonna bother watching the video, based on summaries its what I expected and I'm still disappointed.
"It's hypocritical for those who see everything in terms of race to suddenly turn around and object when white people speak up for what they believe are the best interests of their race."

This is probably not going to help him.
If he doesn't apologize I'm not going to give a view, fuck that. Sounds awful from the responses so far which is what I'd expect.

Stopped watching when he used the picture of a Breitbart article in an unironic way.
Oh dang

they don't even realize Bertbert isn't a very reputable source do they?
We were discussing this video in the OT earlier. For those who don't want to give him a click, it's basically just a short doubling down on what he said earlier, this time a little more focused, and with some selection of articles meant as rhetorical evidence for his opinions.

My take is that it's basically meant as a closure for him. At the end of the video, he claims that he is done talking about politics, and will focus on just doing comedy, however we'll see how true that is.

The video is unlisted, meaning only his Twitter followers et. al. will be watching it, ensuring that his three million plus subscribers remain oblivious to this whole thing.
"I was a bit all over the place, i said a lot of stuff that could be misconstrued in a lot of ways. Things are being extracted from this that i know i don't think."

Bullshit Jon.

Also he brought up how he attacked "the media" and a lot of the negative articles being a revenge hit on him.
He wasn't prepared for the debate and his statements could be/were misconstrued.

So... Yeah.
"I know I made myself look like a big awful racist but you know I'm actually just a white nationalist, which is definitely different. No doubt about it. Please don't criticize what I say that's misconstruing me. Please."
also these youtubers really need to stop blaming the media

these people have so many kids watching them, can't go any youtube video about the wsj without FAKE NEWS PEWDS ARMY REPORTING IN shit

eroding confidence in trusted news sources = how we get trump.
The only statements I would've accepted would have been "hey I was having a mental breakdown, I'm getting help" or "hey I was on some substances that made me temporarily crazy". Since its neither of those things, he can piss off IMO.
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