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Jul 4, 2011
"Sorry Appa, it's too cold for you to follow."

Mike gave Appa one last look, then turned to the path ahead of him.


It feels like he's been walking for hours. Maybe he has.


Before him lay the entrance to the cave. Before him awaited a cold death. Behind him: also a cold death. Mike sighed and stepped forward.




[also lewd]
Aug 30, 2012
G'morning everybody!

Really tired of dealing with all this work stuff I mentioned a week or two ago. More changes to what's going on, it's a real mess... lots of politics, it's really tiring me out *sigh*. Not only that, yesterday I spotted some fraud on my credit card for a significant sum of money - fortunately I caught it early, but I had to deal with the bank, have my card nuked, wait for a new card to arrive... not good!

In better news, yesterday I purchased a 1 year PS+ subscription code, which you have to download from an confirmation email. I got the code in the morning, but forgot to register it.. was at my computer at home later on, and for convenience 're-downloaded' the code - but this time it showed a different code entirely! I took note of both codes, attempted to redeem them on the PS4, and... both worked! I now somehow have 2 years PS+ on my account for the cost of 1 year :D Some good luck at last!

I've put in some holiday requests so I'll get a chance to destress and relax for some time at home, get out and take some photos, and get my Japan trip organised. Focus on some nice things :)

I hope you're all keeping well, and enjoy the weekend ahead!