Kinda Funny Community Thread | The Fire Rises, Brother!


What’s up everybody, I’m MattyG and this is the Kinda Funny Community Thread. This is a thread for Kinda Funny fans family to come together and hang out, whether it's to talk about the show, gaming, or even just what's on your mind. If you like that, subscribe to this thread and share it with your friends.

There's a lot to Kinda Funny though, so let's unpack it a bit for the uninitated.

What exactly is Kinda Funny?

Kinda Funny is a Youtube channel run by five close friends where they discuss news, games, politics, wings, sex, you name it (well, four of them do. The fifth one stands behind the camera and occasionally bumps it). There’s something for everyone!

Who are these friends?

Greg Miller - @GameOverGreggy - The Host

Colin Moriarty - @notaxation - The Pride of Long Island

Nick Scarpino - @Nick_Scarpino - The Producer/Seducer

Tim Gettys - @TimGettys - The Pure One

Kevin - @KindaFunnyKevin - ?

They seem like pretty cool dudes! So how many shows do they have?

Quite a few actually!

The GameOverGreggy Show: On the GameOverGreggy Show, the four friends gather around the table and each bring one topic with them. One by one, they discuss their topic, often going off the rails and ending up discussing something not related to the original topic in any way. It’s great.

A Conversation With Colin: One of the first shows the guys started, this one is exactly what it sounds like - a conversation (with Colin, of course). Sometimes Colin says crazy stuff, so every week, Greg reaches into the random topic pile, pulls one out, tosses it at him, and they talk it out for our enjoyment.

Oreo Oration: Do you like Oreos? Good, Greg does too. Oreo Oration is like a video game review, but for Oreos, complete with twist tests, dunk tests, McElroy Moments, and maybe some snide comments on the side. Sometimes Greg even loses his mind.

Kinda Funny Reacts: Sometimes something big happens and you just have to hear what the guys think of it. Good news, Kinda Funny Reacts gives you exactly that! So when Fox finally gives the X-Men rights back to Marvel, or Half-Life 3 pulls a Beyoncé, or Hell freezes over, you know where to go!

Kinda Funny Unboxings: Ever wanted to buy a $900 replica scythe based on Death’s from Darksiders 2, but don’t have $900 to just spend all willy-nilly on a replica scyth? Well with this show, you can purchase vicariously through the guys!

Follow the Liter: Master Bartender Erick Castro walks us through making some of the best craft cocktails out there, so you can make them for yourself! You're never going to get an orange peel twist as perfect as his though, so don't even bother trying.

The Kinda Funny Gamescast: It’s not all just random topics and tangents though! In the Gamescast, the guys return to their roots to discuss anything and everything relating to the industry. Think of it as the GameOverGreggy Show, but with video games!

Kinda Funny Plays: For 15 minutes a day, you can watch the guys play all kinds of different games. From Smash Bros to #IDARB to Tiny Toon Adventures, they play it all!

Greg and Colin Live: This one's a little different. Instead of doing a pre-recorded show on Youtube, Greg and Colin Live is a daily show on Twitch where the guys are chillin' out, maxin, relaxin' all cool, and talking about... well, stuff! Tune in at 11 AM PST Monday through Friday!

Other Twitch stuff: Greg and Colin Live isn't the only thing the guys do on Twitch though! Sometimes they stream games, drunkenly talk about Spider-Man, or have MegaRan perform!

This all sounds great, but where can I see this stuff?

You can watch on their Youtube Channels, Kinda Funny and Kinda Funny Games, but if you support the guys on either of their Patreon pages you can get episodes early and maybe even some exclusive content! Also, be sure to follow the guys on Twitter at the handles posted above, and @KindaFunnyVids.

Cool! Now, are there any rules I have to follow in this thread?

There's currently only two rules that we ask you follow;

1) don't come in here and badmouth anybody. Not the Kinda Funny guys, not other Gaffers, not Willem Dafoe, nobody. We're all friends here, and this thread is meant to be a place for friends to have fun.

And 2) if you back the Patreon page and get episodes early, please put any discussion in spoiler tags as some people may want to watch the content without prior knowledge of it.

And what if I want to play some games with other Kinda Funny Community members? Will we all ever play games with each other?

Absolutely! I want to eventually get the Kinda Funny Community Thread to a point where discussion is always happening, where everyone knows each other, and where we all play games with each other. Since we're starting out kinda small, this may take some time, but I think it can be done. Until then, I'll be compiling the info of anyone who wants to be involved in a Google Spreadsheet to make it easier for you guys to get in touch with each other, plan gaming sessions, whatever. Once we get enough people, however, I'd like to start planning larger, community-wide multiplayer sessions. Can you imagine a GTA Online lobby full of Kinda Funny Community members?!

Don't see your name in the spreadsheet? PM me your info or post it in the thread! Be sure to use this format (to make it easier when transferring to the spreadsheet):

GAF- SampleID
Platforms- New WhateverPlatformsYouHave 4 One GTX 9000 Vita XL
PSN- SampleID
XBL- SampleID
Steam- SampleID (link to your Steam Community Profile)

So have fun, everyone! Get to discussing, watching, connecting, and above all... BEYOND!

NOTE: This is just a base OP, I plan on expanding upon it soon. I also plan to make a new post in the thread every day (separate from my conversations with you guys!) with links to the videos of the day, just in case you guys forget. Keep an eye out for updates, and if you have any suggestions feel free to leave them in here, Tweet me @MattyG_Gaf, or PM them to me!
I really like the channel. I have watching them since the first gameovergreggy show. It will great to see how the get bigger and bigger.
This thread is an awesome idea!
Funny enough, I'm watching the Colin and Greg Live archive right now while doing a bit of grinding in persona 3. Love this show, it's like getting a fresh podcast every day of the week.
Maybe it would be good to add Twitter links next to their names. I assume you're from somewhere where British English is used, but in this case Follow the Litre should be changed to Follow the Liter because that is how it is presented by Kinda Funny.
This week has been one of the best episodes of the GameOverGreggy Show. Rob Paulsen fits it so well. I wonder if Nick and Tim have pitched their Kinda Funny High School cartoon to him. While Paulsen was doing the voice of that hyped-up koala, I immediately thought if they could get him to do a few lines in their cartoon, he could be the voice of an animated Cheetos, the orangutan.

Edit- MattyG, I noticed you have a link to their main Patreon page, but not the one for Kinda Funny Games:

Also, here is their actual website that Nick made all nice and such:

Other than that, everything Kinda Funny seems to be well covered! For a base OP, it is very in depth! Great work!
Oh shit what an OP! I'm so excited this exists!!!

Man, the #IDARB video actually has a ton of rewatch value. Freakin everyone's funny in that, and that kind of "what's going on" sort of mentality in a lets play video is really underrated it's usually so fun.
Watching that Super Star Wars video makes me want someone to make an remaster of those games for the new consoles. Since Nintendo had nothing to do with the publishing of those games (it was JVC, just like Colin said), there shouldn't be any barriers other than the fact EA would probably be the publisher since they have the Star Wars license. I also want to see a remake of that incredible (well, maybe in 1997) Star Wars Trilogy arcade.
Woooo! Subscribed! Much love for Greg, Colin, Nick and Tim.

Also today I did my democratic duty at the York University elections:

Also, gifs and pics are great, but videos are even better. Get It Together.
Every time I see that video (from 2008), I can't believe how much different Greg looks. He was also still married at that point, as evidenced by the ring on his finger. So much has changed for him in 7 (relatively) short years- good and bad.

Also: I think Colin should get this game ( and stream it. It's such a "Colin game". It's called Castle in the Darkness and is only $5.99 on Steam. It's published by Nicalis, the same guys who released 1001 Spikes on PS4/Vita.

Here is an excerpt from a review for Castle in the Darkness I found on Steam:
This is like Castlevania and Megaman, or more like a Metroidvania.
Yup! A "Colin game", indeed.

Speaking of Steam, a few weeks ago, I had tweeted the KF twitter account that they should become Steam Curators. For those that don't know, a Steam Curator curates their favorite games that are available on Steam and basically make a list of what they feel are must play games. Here's IGN's Steam Curator page ( I would imagine there are games on there that the KF games would also add to their Steam Curator page if one is ever made.
Oh shit what an OP! I'm so excited this exists!!!

Man, the #IDARB video actually has a ton of rewatch value. Freakin everyone's funny in that, and that kind of "what's going on" sort of mentality in a lets play video is really underrated it's usually so fun.
I heard them talking about that on the last Gamecast but haven't seen their play of it yet, what is IDARB? I'd never heard of it until now
Gonna have to spend some time with KFG.
which is eerily close to "K.F.C."- coincidence, Greg?
Will likely subscribe shortly.. Want to check out their gamescast.
Just started listening to the GamesCast and I'm loving it. Greg reminds me of Kevin Smith in that he's got a real gift for keeping a conversation flowing and interesting. The other guys are good too but he's really standing out for me. Looking forward to checking out GOG and the other stuff they're putting up.
Really enjoying the Kinda Funny games content so far. I'm liking the Gamescast, though I'm not quite used to Tim being host, instead of Greg or Colin.

I love teaching Tuesdays with Colin. For some reason, I never got into Mega Man as a youth, so it's great seeing the game played this way. I really hope that after Mega Man 2 is done, they'll continue the series with other games.

I initially thought Greg and Colin was a silly idea. Was there really enough to talk about for over an hour every day, focusing on games and nerd culture? Turns out I was wrong, and I really enjoy this content. I think they themselves have mentioned this, but it's a lot like Sportscenter for games, as well as a daily Beyond (BEYOND!). I do what I can to arrange work so that I'll be able to listen live. I wouldn't mind a podcast version of this show, but then again, this type of content is best consumed the day of.

I'm really excited for GDC and E3 coverage from these guys.
Awesome OT! You should add the link to their Twitch channel more explicitly (I know it's embedded in the Colin & Greg Live title, but it would help to point people there more directly maybe?).

It would also likely be worth mentioning that they do some streaming of games on Twitch as well - while it isn't every afternoon like they originally thought, they still do a fair bit.