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KOTOR Remake taken over by Saber Interactive after Aspyr studio shakeup


From delayed indefinitely to no delay.

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It's just typical publisher language. There's no delay if no date was ever announced.


This isn't great news. Some unnamed Saber Interactive studio in Eastern Europe? Arguably Aspyr had better credentials since they've ported the original a few times.

If done correctly, this game will sell 10m+ easily. Why don't Disney and Sony just give it to a reputable dev?


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These are the clowns that make mediocre to trash games, Snowrunner has been out for a very long time, the entire point of the game is driving, and STILL to this day you can be driving down a road and FLY into the sky and have to start your job all over again. These guys are too busy selling DLC to fix their game, fuck these guys.

I've played this game since it came out and never seen that! On Xbox mind you, maybe it's a pc bug?

...And being the sad bastard I am it's my most played game since, erm, gaming.

No idea why it hooks me, on paper it sounds like the most boring game on earth :messenger_tears_of_joy:
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