l4d3? (Source 2 reveal)

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just an empty gesture. valve is primary a distributor now and not a content maker, no doubt they just bought out another indie game and got someone to redo the graphics. you know, like valve does with every other game.

You really don't seem to get that Valve HQ provides the space for germinated genius to grow and flourish. They're basically the Saturday Night Live of game development. Auteurs pass through there on their way up to get their footing, before moving on to creating more personal and exploratory works like Quantum Conundrum.


bitch I'm taking calls.
Wow, SOMEONE didn't watch Gabe's speech at the Sony presentation at E3

Let me remind you. He said "Valve looks forward to working with Sony in the future"

you think he'd just get on a stage and lie? For what? Money? No amount of money can replace the goodwill he built up with that statement.
im surprised Gaf didnt go down
did EvilLore upgrade the servers?
edit: above, hes a troll and a shitty one at that
everyone knows the majority of xbox gamers are a bunch of ignorant children
Xbox Sign Out vid proves this
I don't have much experience in Cboat leaks. How is his track record?
I think it's been pretty good when you take in account things can change after he leaks. Or how he thought a game was a new Prince of Persia because of a cloak Master Chief was wearing in probably a limited capacity of the trailer he saw.
I don't have much experience in Cboat leaks. How is his track record?
Spotty with some more recent events because of behind-the-scenes changes and what he bothers to leak, but utterly worth looking into in basically every case. He's verified by mods as having access to the kinds of stuff he reports on. Also, this would be a pretty elaborate mock-up if it were fake.
I don't have much experience in Cboat leaks. How is his track record?
I'm told his leaks are second to none, the best of the best, no one can match his leaks. He has become the Undisputed Heavyweight Leaker of this industry, the only other person that comes close to him is Julian Asponge.
Most of the assets in the L4D3 shot are completely new.
Yes, but they started with loading in L4D2 assets and then reimagining/rebuilding them in a comparative fashion.

The core concept of what's there usually isn't scaled up to whatever they learn is the fully capacity of their capabilities until they've finished this phase.

Like if you look at the version of Mirror's Edge recreated while testing Frostbite 2 it looks notably less good than Mirror's Edge 2's debut trailer.

That said this could even be far beyond what they ship for all we know, but usually when I see something like this in an engine presentation slide, the final result at least has some minor improvements if only from tackling a more ambitious concept from the start.
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