League of Legends |OT13| Diamond is Unreachable


love malzahar's winrate % by games played

Pouncing like a Hyena alright.

Honestly, I wouldn't believe the story if it was just a pinned post, but she did share a lot of evidence.
let's hope that's where he leaves it instead of fanning the flames like he usually does

in any case, regrettable situation all around
0/8 top riven and a adc who doesn't move when he autos. I watched my adc stand in one spot during a team fight...

like bruh how are the players getting worse when my elo is going up.

love malzahar's winrate % by games played
Who even needs dem fancy skill floors and ceilings? A smooth, flat line is where it's at.

You can't ignore the technical prowess required to point your mouse at whoever you want dead, the friendly "do you have QSS?" check that otherwise results in assured death, and the balanced passive that merely ignores most engage abilities and allows you to dispense cancerous DoT clouds of doom with impunity.

The best part is that he gets even more obnoxious in low ELO, since players are still bad at skillshots and general mechanics, while you're merely point & clicking your way to victory.
Didnt addons are illegal to use?
Are they?

Like...if it just shows stats that can easily be retrieved from a website, showing you a build(again, easily retrieved), and having random tips in game...that wouldn't constitute as being 'illegal', would it? All it does is place it in game for easy access, and it's for personal use.

If it was an addon that intercepted packets in a way that showed you enemy positions tho, that'd be different.
Nice work, Dobe and Newt. It is a fun OP.

I appreciate the meatshield and the Jojo reference. Jojo references in the end of the OP is a good tradition.

Also, 777 posts on the wall of shame, sweet.
Hopefully you nobody got offended by the thread, we shit talked everyone, I even wrote lines that shit talked myself.
the only thing that's offended me today is reddits quiteness about lytes toxicity

man what a smoking gun. I don't get offended but damn, that offended me.

I mostly play in ARAM now.
Gotta give that Blitz credit for living his BlitzCrit dream though.

Also I keep forgetting that Abyssal now lets you DEAL more damage than reduce enemy MGR.
Lyte and the others involved are all ex-riot employees right now, right?

Lyte was really relevant for a long time, but I can see a reasonable argument that personal drama between ex-riot employees aren't really relevant for the subreddit.

It's a shitty situation and I'm sure it would reach front page on the subreddit if it would not be banned.
Good ot

Tried Ryze for the first time yesterday, he wasnt as hard to play as i tought he would be. Though i did have a hard time hiting q's while running around with stormraiders/shield.