Leaked Halo 4 Gameplay

Pretty terrible quality like most leaks, but about 8 minutes of gameplay. Rest is some super weird stuff, referencing Halo leaks of old. Also he may or not be in a barn.

Gameplay starts about 2 minutes in, and the music is NSFW so turn down your speakers. But if you're at home, I fully suggest listening to the music.

And without further adieu, I present the weirdest (best?) leak ever. I recommend starting from the beginning if you want the true, director's cut experience:


Thanks to Cyren for finding the video!


5/28 Update, new screenshots leaked. Thanks to Juan and Over for posting them!

5/30 update, More screens. Thanks again to Overdoz1z

5/31 update, New leaked video. Thanks Spider_Jerusalem! Here's some Screencaps that TheOddOne took from the video.


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Is it multiplayer? If so, I wanna see it, but I'm avoiding campaign stuff.
My "WTF" count for this video was in at least the hundreds. hahahaha

I also cried tears of laughter at the ludicrousness of the whole thing. Demoncarnotaur put it exactly right. hahaha
The best part of the video is how he occasionally will pause the VHS tape and zoom in with his camera in an attempt to get a close-up of something, but the terrible quality just makes it all a jumbled mess. And it says [HD] and [720] in the title. Neither of which are true.

Well played, Skid Kid.


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Yeah, just multiplayer.

K, watched it. Had to stop half way through cause shakey came was giving me a head ache. Thoughts:

- Lotsa sprinting. Seems like they give you a generous amount of sprint time.
- Gameplay overall felt much faster than H3 and Reach.
- Instant respawn is stupid.
- Railgun looks sweet. Couldn't really tell how powerful it was, though.
- LOL @ random zoom-in moments.
- Movement speed looks great. <3<3
- Weapon switch time seems faster.

Edit: Wait, it was ACTUALLY in a barn? LOL!
At 8:28 the guy goes up a set of stairs, looks to his left, and it looks like some type of map-scan ability goes out and makes the map look different.

Did I miss something, or is this something new/unannounced?

Nevermind, Promethean Vision as stated above. Thanks. Forgot about that announcement.


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The new scoreboard looks pretty interesting. Looks like there some kind of breakdown between player and team scores, or maybe separate scores entirely?
Yeah, I'm really interested in getting a better look at that. Seems like they really changed it up.
So uh, anyways.

Sprint. Sword. Assassinations. Personal Ordinance. Railgun. Pistol. Rockets. BR. Promethean Vision.

Anything else?
Fall damage looks to be in (I'll find the exact timestamp in a little bit), instant spawns, and it seems like you can pick where to drop your ordinance, as well as it being instant.