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Likely site error: Fire Emblem Fates for Switch found on source of FE Warriors page

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Check page source. Ctrl+F 'fates'

Fire Emblem Fates: Revelation for Nintendo Switch.

Those who called it get a cookie.

Credit goes to Mr. Pointy.
New news though.


Not too surprising, they abruptly stopped the DLC schedule without ever filling out the difficulty ratings, something was up.


I would like to say I thought a compilation of all 3 FE Fates versions was possible on Switch, but I didn't think it'd happen

Maybe it'll get announced on Feb. 18th with the FE Direct
If it's a compilation of all 3 games I'll bite, I hold of buying any of them on the 3DS because it would be to expensive for me.


Well, that's legit. I'd rebuy just to go through Revelation since I didn't actually get to that one yet.

Though the image is on the link for the 3DS version, and also mentions the Revelation release date from 2016 under that listing too.
I have been waiting for a couple years now for a chance to jump into FE. I just do not like playing games on handhelds if I can avoid it, so if this comes to Switch, this might finally tempt me to give FE a try at long last.


Enhancements would be nice, I would like to see a few more supports for characters like Scarlet. Maybe they will add those TCG exclusive characters?

Weird thing is I would actually want them to cut characters from the third route lol.
Very interesting...

Wonder if it's a full remake or if it's just in HD with all the scenarios.

I'm wondering if this might be one of the first games for the Switch that won't require the joycons to play, as in it will be all touch screen like turnbased games on phones/tablets.

Turn based games like this always seem fairly easy to convert from traditional controls to touchscreens easily.
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