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Man's Wild Theory About Afterlife Is Freaking Out TikTok Users


Aug 13, 2020
The human need of explanations for things we don't understand gave us myths, religions and now Tik Tok.


Feb 6, 2018
Why people can't see with their souls? Because of the soul not having eyes?

We see things when we dream too. It very often looks indistinguishable from reality. What if the way soul sees is kind of like how we see in dreams? Ideas become visible in dreams. Sure, maybe you need eyes and you need to see things before you can dream about them. Not sure if people who have been blind since their birth could form a sort of a visual idea based on what they've heard, touched, felt and smelled, but I guess they usually mostly dream about voices.

Maybe the souls of blind people only sense the "otherworld" through voices. Or maybe we live several lives and what the soul sees is a mixture of the last and past lives. Or maybe souls are interconnected in a way that they allow sort of a collective sensing of things. Lots of interesting ways to look at the subject. I'm not saying any of it is absolutely real but I'm just saying that people experiencing weird stuff when they pass out due to extreme g forces or when doctors mess with their brains isn't really proof of the experience being illusion. All it really tells is that a certain part of a body has a connection with that experience. It doesn't prove what the experience is. It just proves the connection.

Yeah well, can we prove that the brain is not that what allows the soul to interact and express itself on the natural world?... nope, but there doesn´t seem to be any unkown forces interacting with the particles in the brain, so why bother.


Jan 2, 2013
It's weird that people will jump on this goofy theory that has absolutely nothing to do with Christianity...in order to bash Christianity.

"Someone said something stupid. Christians don't believe in this stupid thing that was said. Therefore, Christians are stupid."
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