Mario Kart 8 Announced For Wii U

Spring 2014 was unexpected but it looks REally good. Crisp graphics, wall racing, upside down racing, Karts, Gliders, Bikes, Underwater, fun looking tracks, good stuff.
I actually said HOLY FUCK at how the visuals looked. They did NOT look LAZY at ALLL. Damnnnn. The first time I was really impressed by Mario Kart visuals, and it looks trippy on top of it. Weeping. Hope I'm not alone :(
A new Mario Kart!!!! Completely unexpected!!!!

If only they'd really do something surprising like make another Zelda game or (fingers crossed) SSB...that's too much to hope for though.
It looks awesome. I'm super excited for this, even though the game looks far away from complete development (they didn't show any multiplayer feature, GamePad feature, or any item).

However that blue boost at the end of the trailer is very strange. Is it actually in-game or just for the sake of showing a big blue 8?
The trailer in the link even has the Ustream loading in it :p

Before I switched to the EU one I was really wondering why they didn't give GT a stream.
Love the effects and models of the racers, but why are their backgrounds and environments still so poor?

Haven't really played Mario Kart since Double Dash or Mario Kart DS, don't know how this will play.
and there goes the prophet...buahahahahahaha. A Safe Mario Kart, yeah right!!

Mario Kart looks like it is receiving more effort than Mario 3D. Looks really really good.
I'm shocked that this was the best looking game at the WiiU ND.

It looks really fucking awesome, better than Sonic Transformed, and it will run at 60fps.


Wildcard berths that can't beat teams without a winning record should have homefield advantage
I am absolutely STUNNED they're letting 3D Mario hit before Christmas and putting this in the Spring when Mario Kart is the series that sells so much. Seems like a massive wasted opportunity.

That said, the game looks fantastic.