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IRC Chat
Channel: #MarioKartGAF

Now, for the first time, you will be able to play Grand Prix with friends. (Up to 4 Players)
It used to be a single player experience but that's not the case anymore. You can beat the game and play against the CPU with your friends or family.​

No more manual wheelies.You can’t perform a wheelie on your bike unless you’re using a mushroom or a boost pad.
Those are done automatically so you don’t have any control over them.
They are only asthetic. You don’t gain any extra speed as they don't have any effect on the gameplay.​

Characters now can hold items in their hands (a tribute to Double Dash!!) However, they’re limited to items that come in one, meaning all those items with
multiple objects like triple green shells, bananas, red shells, crazy eight and mushrooms will spin around your vehicle.
You’re prone to lose the latter if any other player/character touches them, so be careful.​

When you collect coins during a race, they will give you a small speed boost. You'll reach your speed limit once you get 10 coins.
You need to earn coins in order to unlock karts, bikes, gliders and wheels. This is also the first game since Super Mario Kart to feature coins in the item roulette.​

You can combine any vehicle with any type of wheels and gliders. There are no restrictions about it.
Every character can use any vehicle so you're free to choose the one that meets your needs the best.
Body parts are tied to coins, once you reach X number of coins, a new part will be randomly unlocked.​

While racing on anti-gravity sections , players can bump into other racers or certain track obstacles to get a speed boost.
The Spin Boost fundamentally redefines the way that players compete, and makes anti-gravity racing even more exhilarating.
While both racers get a spin boost, an unforeseen boost can of course mess the "attacked" racer up by sending him into a
direction he wasn't planning on boosting into.​

Eurogamer - 10/10
Gamespot - 8/10
USGamer - 4.5/5
Videogamer 9/10
The Verge - No score
IGN - 9/10
Edge - 9/10
Destructoid - 9/10
Polygon - 9/10
Gametrailers - 8.6/10
Joystiq - 4.5/5
Gamesradar - 4/5
Nintendo Insider - 10/10
Nintendo Life - 9/10
Meristation - 9.3/10
Vandal - 9.3/10
3D Juegos - 9/10 - 9.6
Gamereactor (Spain) - 9/10
Cubed3 - 9/10 - 4.5/5
Invisible Gamer - A+
Jeux Video - 16/20
Gamekult - 8/10 (German), SP: 7.5/10, MP: 9.5/10
NWR - 7.5/10
Screw Attack - 7/10
Wired - No score
Kotaku - "YES"

Kart based on a Mercedes car. Coming Soon (Summer)

Can I play this on my Wii?
- lol no

Does this game support five players (4 on TV, 1 on gamepad)?
-No, it's limited to only 4 players.

What about me using the gamepad and my friend using my TV?
Not possible. Both will have to play splitscreen on TV.

How many players does the online mode support?
- Two players, splitscreen.

Can I add friends over the browser Miiverse or only on the console?
-Right now, it's only possible doing it on the console.

Am I or any of my friends forced to use the Gamepad when I'm playing local multiplayer?
No, you can use any controller you want. In fact, if no one wants to use the gamepad, it can be placed next to the TV so
everyone can see the map since it isn't displayed on the main screen (TV).

Special Thanks:
-Saint Gregory
-Everyone involved :D



Neo Member
Nice OT!

Looking forward to bringing this over to a childhood friends house next week. Use to play mk snes as kids, but no other MK since.

Also should I just leave my NNID here? Sorry I recently joined neogaf and have no idea what to do haha.

I just wanna participate in Mario Kart madness since I don't know anyone with a wii u.
Holy fuck, this OT looks almost better than the MGS4 one!
Nicely done.

Also I can't wait for this game!
I hope I have played through Wolfenstein before then.

EDIT: Also the Coin isn't a new item. It's been in Super Mario Kart before.
Just sayin'.