Mario Kart Source

Oh Lord is that ugly.

Can't really tell how well it plays from the video, but when you look at other mods on Source, especially fellow N64 throwback Goldeneye: Source, this just looks laughable.

/graphics whoring
Quellex said:
Turning seems kind of slow, or maybe it's just me.
It's not just you - the turning seems really slow. From the looks of the video, trying to make a good turn means a lot of stop-and-go.

In short, DO NOT WANT!


provides useful feedback
Now here's a couple of things I noticed:

1. In general it seems surprisingly close to the original game in terms of speed and handling. I definitely got vibes of Mario Kart 64 when seeing the characters fall off ledges, steer around corners and so forth (and not just for the obvious reasons wither, you smartarses.)

2. When a character hits you the player seems to bumble about much longer than they did in the original game.

3. No selectable Bowser at the start makes me VERY VERY ANGRY!