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Mark Darrah (ex BioWare) runs a youtube channel now with gamedev insights and it's GOOD stuff


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Mark Darrah, top production lead on many Bioware titles from Dragon Age to Anthem has started a youtube channel after retiring from the company in 2020

His latest video - a very interesting take on software piracy is making the rounds now on Twitter.

I just finished listening to his essay or crunch which might have been the most informative piece of content about the subject I've ever seen.

The whole channel seems to be already is packed to the brim with this kind of material somehow with only a couple of hundred views each.

Whatever you think of the dude and the games he did it's all just a very interesting listen if you're into this sort of thing and I know I have my summer jogging ipod material sorted for a while.

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His piracy take is pretty sensible and kind of echos what Gabe Newell has said at times over the years- basically that developers/publishers should offer more value and make it easier to buy the game legally than to pirate it.
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