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Marvel's Midnight Suns and XCOM director Jake Solomon, as well as the developer's studio head, leave the company

Dice rolls just represent the player's random chance to perform an action successfully. The way cards work, your options for engagement (moves) are randomly selected for you. And in games like XCOM, your placement and other decisions, completely driven by the player, affects those dice rolls (chances of success or failure).

It's like comparing apples to football fields IMO.
You make your placements in MS too, and for me the positioning mattered as much as it did in Xcom.

The dice rolls were predetermined in Xcom from the start, reload the turn all you want… you might as well be using an actual card deck to figure out the chances on each square, hence missing that 90% shot.

Main difference other than map size and cover mechanics: Is that I don’t know if Xcom is fucking me with RNG till it fucks me, but I know damn well if Midnight Sun‘s RNG is fucking me and it gives me an option to do something about it with a calculated bet. I‘d rather play poker than craps TBH 🤣
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Fair warning if ppl decide to buy, do not play as the female hunter. Its one of the worst voice actings I ever heard. And yes you can expect 40 hours of this kind of dialogue. Gee I wonder why it failed?

Lol did they get the Theranos chick to do the VA?
I don't fuck with Firaxis games outside of Civ (and CivCity Rome). I just hope Civ7 continues with the tradition of odd numbered Civ games being vastly superior to even numbered ones.

I was looking at reviews for Civ 6 on the MS store since uts on sale for $6 and every recent review from a year ago until the present us claiming that the game is almost unplayable due to constant crashing.

I find this kind of developer apathy inexcusable and it is an insight possibly into FireAxis games. To sell a product that's broken and not have the decency to fix it? That being said midnight suns runs well now on ps5 and was fixed by them post launch. Civ 6 is not that old of a game though for them to screw their customers like that
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