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Media Create Sales: 11/15-11/21


1. (PlayStation 2 - Hudson) Momotarou Dentetsu USA - 121,841 / new
2. (GameCube - Tomy) NARUTO: Gekitou Ninja Taisen! 3 - 116,964 / new
3. (GameCube - Nintendo) Mario Party 6 - 98,747 / new
4. (GameBoy Advance - Banpresto) Dragon Ball: Advance Adventure - 48,122 / new
5. (PlayStation 2 - Konami) J.League Winning Eleven 8 Asia Championship - 42,134 / new
6. (GameBoy Advance - Square Enix) Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories - 35,768 / 239,039
7. (PlayStation 2 - Banpresto) Magna Carta - 30,356 / 152,302
8. (PlayStation 2 - Konami) Pop'n Music 10 - 14,846 / new
9. (GameBoy Advance - Nintendo) Zelda no Densetsu: Fushigi no Boushi - 14,352 / 142,431
10. (GameCube - Nintendo) Mario Tennis GC - 12,953 / 265,057

1. (Sony) PlayStation 2 - 63,282 / 2,090,262
2. (Nintendo) GameBoy Advance SP - 27,479 / 2,152,999
3. (Nintendo) GameCube - 5,113 / 521,606
4. (Microsoft) Xbox - 1,239 / 34,205
5. (Nintendo) GameBoy Advance - 697 / 190,374
6. (Bandai) Swan Crystal - 44 / 7,200
7. (Sony) PSone - 40 / 13,794


disappointing sales for Zelda. Especially since it's a great game :|

OoS and OoA did 1.5 million each worldwide...


GameCube sales are kind of disappointing, considering Naruto was releasing...guess it'll take RE4 to get it moving.


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Whoever gets the most of Square Enix, Capcom, and Konami's support; two out of those three companies, wins japan.


This may very well be the last year we see PSone and SC on the charts... tis time to move on...
Ironic considering the PSone sometimes outsells the Xbox :/ I guess they'll have PSP and DS to count next year, though, so no space for oldies.
Gamecube sales in Japan have been locked on 4-5,000 for months now. How much do you think they will rise when Resident Evil 4 comes out?


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Sales no Jutsu!


almokla said:
I smell a Price Drop ... (GC)

Japan gets shit of a deal for GC. 14000 Yen for the core system itself. While in the U.S., the system is cheaper, and comes with MKDD and a second controller.
its really strange, you see SONY and MS sell teir consoles at loss, while Nintendo is the one that should do that.. why ?

cuz its guaranteed that EVERY GC owner will ave ATLEAST 2 nintendo games, which will make up for te loss (if they decided to do it), and ofcourse the accesorries...

if I was Nintendo, I'd be selling the cube ofr $50 with WaveRace, or any of the games that stopped selling...

they need to boost GC sales as much as possible for Zelda and for Revolution

I'm not a business wizard or something, but its simple math


almokla said:
if I was Nintendo, I'd be selling the cube ofr $50 with WaveRace, or any of the games that stopped selling...

That's a much better idea than bundling it with one of the biggest selling multiplayer games on the system.


price cuts only provide a temporary sales boost while the losses are permanent, they need something that works long term and that's software support
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