Metal Gear Survive

Jan 16, 2017
You can get it now if you switch your xbox to australia.
Anyway, so i played it..... i promptly uninstalled it after trying to google ways to forget terrible experiences in my life, such as playing that game.
Some will like it, but it was literally beyond terrible to me, please try before you buy....especially if you are a Kojima Metal Gear fan.
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Dec 7, 2014
did they managed to fuck up the gameplay like they managed to fuck up the graphics ?

by the way the Open Beta is up in EU store
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Nov 5, 2013
New York
I had fun. Controls are convoluted at times. There’s a lot of mgs4 in the way it plays. Not a fan of “shooter type” controls. Wish I could choose “action typs”..
Dec 7, 2014
tried the beta and WOW, did not expect them to even fuck up the gameplay of V, the controls are slow, they changed the buttons layout, most of the combat depends on melee which is shit

it's much worse than i thought, everything sucks, even the graphics is much worse

but this is fine because its not a sequel, it's just a spin-off, remember Umbrella corps ?? it was a piece of shit and then we got the Masterpiece that was RE7, so konami still has a chance in MGS 6
May 29, 2013
Can’t figure out how to build fences or anything. Can’t craft near enough ammo to deal with the enemies they throw at you by wave two. I don’t know what I’m not doing right. All the items and weapons are degrading I’m going to be itemless,before I get this figure out.
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Oct 16, 2016
Can’t figure out how to build fences or anything. Can’t craft near enough ammo to deal with the enemies they throw at you by wave two. I don’t know what I’m not doing right. All the items and weapons are degrading I’m going to be itemless,before I get this figure out.
Yeah they really throw you into the middle of the sea and expect you to figure out everything, this is a big mistake on Konami's part since they're gonna quickly discourage less patient players.

I recommend not going solo at the beginning, wait for some people in the lobby and try to finish the mission with them [otherwise the materials you picked up during a failed attempt won't be extraced]. After the first succesful run you shouldn't be strapped for resources anymore.

I finally managed to do a solo S run on the first mission:

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Oct 15, 2010
Putting my bias aside from Konami I gave it a fair shake. The idea is fine for the base of the game but I got bored quick.
Feels pretty shallow tbh. Running around for three mins mashing square isn't exactly innovative for me. I was hoping more along the lines of team work and strategy, I.e two players carrying a barricade to put up for defence.
Not really sure how they will make each level more interesting other than more zombies that hit harder.

I'll keep my eye on it but I don't think it's going to be a buy from me.

Also: What the hell did you do to the levels Konami? For all of mgs5's faults, It looked fantastic.
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Oct 16, 2016
0:21 - so satisfying, just punching those zombies in the fac... crystal?

Can't wait to try out all CQC moves on a max level character.


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Dec 13, 2016
I can't imagine myself liking it. When it sounded like it was just a zombie game, it seemed like it might be kinda cool. Then I saw the last footage showing that you have to gather resources and build shit and all that nonsense, completely lost interest...

I can't believe how bad this franchise has become after the glorious MGS3 subsistence. That was the peak of the franchise IMO, it's only gone drastically downhill since then, both online and single player...


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Oct 23, 2016
Put some time into it...

If it didn’t have Metal Gear attached to it, it would have a following still. Game is fun. Combat is good.

Certainly worth a try if you can.
Oct 16, 2016
Check out some of the things I did with my friends, summoning Ray, making zombies slide into the deadly blades or doing double homerun with frag grenades. While this isn't exactly a Metal Gear game, it's still hella fun game to play [especially with your friends] where your imagination will be rewarded. :D

Oct 11, 2011
It's a bizarre game, to say the least. I might buy it when it's on sale. It looks like there's a lot more strategy and challenge to the game than I originally thought, plus a huge single player mode.


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Mar 6, 2007
Played a little bit single player, couldn't figure it out. I had a knife but couldn't find any guns, ended up being killed by zombies and haven't went back since.

Looks great on Scorpio though, seemed to be running at a high resolution.
Oct 11, 2011
I want to give this game a chance. It sounds like you need to invest 15-20 hours before the real game starts
I'd say it takes 4 to 5 hours before it gets going. Then you have insane survive+grinding for 12 to 15 hours. Then it becomes more like the game we all originally assumed it'd be like in the first place.

It's a single player game with a not-essential-but-basically-vital multiplayer added on.
Feb 25, 2016
I'm 12 hours in on the PC version, most of that spent in the solo campaign. I don't know what to say, this seems like it might be an actual excellent game? I'm exhausted from staying up all night playing Survive so I'm not sure how coherent my comments will be, but I'll give it a try.

There's a definite massive learning curve, and I can't remember the last Japanese game I played that was so initially punishing (original Ninja Gaiden on Xbox, maybe?), but I'm loving almost everything about it. It's maybe more Dead Rising, Lost Planet, or even Silent Hill than it is Metal Gear Solid, but it plays well and the central gameplay loop is extremely addictive. The story has been interesting so far -- we've moved from Escape from NY to the Thing and Prince of Darkness, which is funny -- and there's some extremely interesting metacommentary that I'm curious over how it's going to go.
It's about a bunch of previously extremely peripheral characters, separated from their legendary boss, unsure what they should be doing now and whether they can trust their new leaders.

The game is just really confident, if that makes sense. I kept starving to death not because the game is obtuse or poorly balanced, but because that's the sort of challenge the developers are presenting here. They could have played this sequel so safe -- just do MGS5 on a new map! -- but instead they introduced all sorts of new mechanics, almost completely changed the tone of the series (though to be a little fair, 5 proper had a minor horror angle too), completely shifted the central gameplay loop into something new, made the game absurdly unforgiving early on, and so far have given extremely little fan service for series vets. (Also, for now no fan service of the other sort period, which is remarkably progressive for Metal Gear Solid. I'm expecting this to change, but we'll see!) I know the devs widely get (probably deserved) criticism for reusing a lot of MGS5's assets, but in every other area this is a bold, innovative effort.

I've only played a couple co-op missions, but they seem fun enough. The loot they give you definitely makes the solo campaign easier. And while I'm still sad the campaign doesn't offer co-op, I now also understand why they didn't go for that. The way the solo stuff plays out (with the enemy triggers, stealth, and general flow) I just don't think it would work with another player.

I'm slightly worried the game won't add enough enemy variety, and there also seems to be a bizarre lack of boss fights (IMO those have always been one of the most quintessential Metal Gear elements, though again 5 mostly ignored them too). But these are small complaints in the scheme of things, and all about my expectations rather than what the game is offering.

For the record the game hasn't hit me with any microtransaction begging or anything similar. Having to purchase extra save slots is theoretically obnoxious (I honestly can't imagine wanting to throw away all my progress) but it was also in Metal Gear Solid 5, and just like that game you seem to unlock some premium currency for 'free'. So you can probably save up and get a new save slot if you really want without paying real money. And regardless that sort of thing is more easily forgiven in a budget release.

No crashes, bugs, or performance issues, the game seems well polished.

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Feb 15, 2018
Gameplay feels like a mixed bag for me. The game has some really fun moments like building your traps and watching the zombies get massacred, but there are also times that the game would just be so repetitive and bore me to death.
Feb 3, 2018
Not so boring as people said at first. A mixed bag of unprocessed experiences.

Shame on some politics, also.

But if you can forget all the background it is surrounded by, is enjoyable IMO.
Dec 1, 2016
If they pull a fortnite and shoehorn a battle royale mode ... then this could be the first BR game that doesn't play like shit.
Anyone have any idea how well the FOX engine could handle a 100+ player map? The game mechanics established since Phantom Pain would make for an amazing Battle Royale game and I'm sure Konami has at least thought about it (if they like money). I will admit I would be interested if it was handled right.

I'll be jumping into the game tonight and will put aside MHW for a bit so I can give it a fair shot. Only played an hour so far but the story seems decent enough, the music and sound is on point, and the game mechanics seem fairly well streamlined. I'm sure this could all change within a couple more hours of gameplay but my first impressions are good.
Sep 25, 2015
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It'd be really easy to do actually. But that's DLC stuff.
Show me your computer science master's degree and maybe I'll believe you. And a dissertation on networking stacks for good measure.

In the meantime I'll be remembering how Bluehole had to work directly with Epic Games in order to make their engine handle a 100-player streaming world to even a basic degree of competence.
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