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Metroid Other M |OT| You're Not Supposed to Remember Him



Settle down men (and women), you had your basic info sheet and just witnessed your first footage of your new mission: playing a Metroid game being developed by
Nintendo and Team Ninja. Anyway, that’s old information at this point so let’s explore more details shall we? Analyzing the data we’ve discovered something very peculiar about
this Other M: the game has a storyline and for the first time ever, Samus will speak. Yes, this is a very interesting choice by Nintendo and Team Ninja. A bit dangerous too for long
time Metroid fans which are used to Samus being the silent type. According to Yoshio Sakamoto, this game will take place between Super Nintendo classic Super Metroid and
the Gameboy Advance title Metroid Fusion. Specifically, after the big battle with Mother Brain in Super Metroid. In an E3 2010 interview about Other M, Sakamoto expressed his
desire to explore the past of Samus. Aside from a few text dialogues, we don’t know anything about the heroine in the Varia Suit. So we’ll learn about her past, what kind of
person she is and more.​

But the real interesting part is that Samus received a distress call from a so called bottleship, which floats around space. You can see an image of the target above.
But after setting foot on the ship, she encounters several Galactic Federation troopers. And this is where the mission begins!​

Known as one of the greatest bounty hunters of the universe and feared by Space Pirates, Samus Aran was born on the mining colony of K-2L. But after a gruesome assault
on the planet by Space Pirates led by Ridley, she was the only one to survive. She was discovered by a bird-like alien race called the Chozo. They took care of the little girl and
started training her. Samus got infused with Chozo blood, which made her more resilient against a lot of special environments. After her training she received a special suit called
the Power Suit, which merged with her biologically. In this suit Samus becomes a force to be reckoned with, using a vast array of weapons. Eventually she signed up for the
Galaxtic Federation where she met Adam Malkovich. Some time later she leaves the Federation for reasons which are unknown at this point. In Other M, we’ll learn about her
motives and past.​

Former Commanding Officer of Samus back when she was a soldier in the Galactic Federation. Although Malkovich was tough on all his soldiers, he addressed her as
“lady”. It’s implied that the two share a special bond. In the beginning of Metroid Other M it seems that Malkovich isn’t too happy with Samus entering the bottleship. He leads a
team of Federation troopers during Other M while on the bottleship. He refers to Samus as an outsider and tells his squad not to share any mission details with her.​

Remember me? No, can’t say I do. No really.​

A combat-unit led by Adam Malkovich. Consists of Anthony Higgs, Maurice Favreau, K.G. Misawa, James Pierce and Lyle Smithsonian.​

The big bad, the one who haunts Samus her past, present and probably the future: Ridley. We still don't know if he's the leader of the Space Pirate forces or not, but
he is a very important figurehead within the organization. He was the one who lead the attack K-2L and destroyed the colony where Samus lived. He and Samus are sworn enemies and they crossed paths many, many times. He is a powerful warrior who will use his claws, wings and breath as weapons to fight opponents. Will they meet in Other M? Something tells me they will...​

D*t^ inC0nqL>t1​

The Metroid time line is explained above, but just to be sure, we'll explain the progression of the Metroid series.

Metroid/Metroid Zero Mission > Metroid Prime > Metroid Prime Hunters > Metroid Prime 2 > Metroid Prime 3 > Metroid II Return of Samus > Super Metroid > Metroid Other M > Metroid Fusion​

For more detailed info, click the link below.​

Intel shows us that Metroid Other M is a combination of switching between 2D en 3D points of view. Sounds confusing, but according to several previews it’s not that hard.
Switching between 2D and 3D works well and is essential for exploration and fights. Especially the 2D gameplay looks very cool, because it will bring back fond memories of
Super Metroid, Fusion and Zero Mission. But it’s also possible for players to point the Wiimote towards the screen, so Samus wil switch to a first person view. You can use lock
on and hit targets, but you can’t move while using this particular viewpoint.

Also surprising is the fact that you play the game with only the Wiimote NES-style. You’ll navigate Samus with the d-pad in 2D and 3D, which sounds awkward these days. It takes
time to adjust, but the game seems to work like a charm. While shooting and using all the typical gear in Samus her arsenal, she did receive a new fighting style. Team Ninja gives
Other M a little bit of Ninja Gaiden flavour by adding a melee combat system in which she can dodge enemy attacks and fight her enemies with special attacks. Through well-timed
button input players can use a counter attack. When enemies are down, as a finishing move she can use Lethal Strike and Overblast. This sounds very “un-metroid”, but Other
M is stil a typical Metroid adventure. Exploration, discovering secrets… it’s still there.​

Also, a special thank you for SpacePirateRidley for all his hard work on the banners. Amazing thread, awesome work. Thanks!​

Beth Cyra

Awesome OP, love the title.

Still I have to bitch about one thing. Why is it again that Japan has the best Box Art? I know some will disagree, but the pure red background with Samus head/helmet looks really fucking good to me.


I haven't allowed myself to get hyped due to my apprehension over the people working on it and some of the gameplay details, but like all of a sudden it's like I can't wait at all for this game. Overnight excitement.

It's Metroid that does it to me, I can't stop what's in my heart.

I <3 you Metroid!


erotic butter maelstrom
Nice thread, I have a lot of reading to do. So hyped for this one, I can't believe it's only a week away. I need to go get my preorder in, I forgot it was so soon.

By the way, I'm very jealous of that Japanese box art. It's so sexy.


Damn you NoA I had so much hope that you'd switch the boxart last minute. Nintendo of Japan's art is once again much better. The game's not going to do as well as Mario. Don't try so hard to please the masses. Please the fans with better art!

edit: Oh and this is that name of that weird girl from the first trailer? If so, fuuuuuuuu.


I like that for the reviews image you used thumbs down samus, what are you trying to say man. :lol

Really nice OP though, very excited.
Great OP. It's time (for me) to stop the bitching about what may or may not be so great about the game and look forward to whatever the next Metroid turns out to be. :p
I'm hyped!


Can't wait for this, fantastic OP. We really need a good high quality version of the japanese cover scanned so we can rid ourselves of the ugly usa/euro one.


works for Gamestop (lol)
For some reason I thought Metroid Other M was way back in the timeline. If I didnt know this I'd be confused as hell


Hey who is up for a little Metroid marathon?

Super Metroid, Metroid 2, Metroid Fusion, Metroid Zero and the Prime trilogy if you have the time before Other M comes out (probably won't). All the games are super short save the Prime titles so it should be a fun little diversion

I am in so we can have something to talk about while we wait


DanteFox said:
honestly I'd be happy if it were as good as any of the mainstream metroids. They're all good in some way. :)
Being as good as Metroid Prime Hunters is not a noble goal to shoot for.

Man, I hope this game is great.
Cautiously optimistic about this one. I have pretty much every Metroid game released, but it's Team Ninja that has me being a little hesitant.

Will hold out hope though.

Beth Cyra

Amir0x said:
Hey who is up for a little Metroid marathon?

Super Metroid, Metroid 2, Metroid Fusion, Metroid Zero and the Prime trilogy if you have the time before Other M comes out (probably won't). All the games are super short save the Prime titles so it should be a fun little diversion

I am in so we can have something to talk about while we wait

I kinda of already started this by playing Prime 3, also plan on doing Fusion as well if I have time before Other M launches.
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