Minecraft Wii U Edition rated by Pegi

Feb 4, 2015
They should've done this long ago, but this is definitely better late than never. Nintendo getting on the Minecraft boat would be a big deal for them.

I suppose this is one of the big Direct announcements leaked then, actually? Maybe this was one of the big unannounced games Kimishima was referring to.

inb4 the inevitable NX speculation - no but seriously, Minecraft at launch would be huge
Sep 17, 2006
Puerto Rico
Third party support on the Wii U from MS.

Boy, that's really weird to type out.
Not as weird. Oddworld, Viva Piñata and a few other games were on Nintendo platforms back then, with the Microsoft Game Studios logo.

Heck, Rare worked on the port of Diddy Kong Racing DS no MS logo though.

There must be a really funny story about why this took so long.
Remember it nothing special. Notch never many interest (outside replying to people that asked for it) neither the team for a port, unless Nintendo went to him and offered funds. Nintendo never did, so the port never happened.

Or something like that...

Probably why Story Mode and this all came after Notch sold it. Microsoft just wants to continue Minecraft as a multimedia project.