Modern Warfare 3 & Oblivion listed as Backwards Compatible on Xbox Sale Site

Apr 23, 2013
Waiting for the inevitable weekend announcement that there will be announcement later next week. Then announcement comes, Surprise, we are releasing these games that are backwards compatible! I'm sure that you had no idea!

Other than the fact that the week before we had them listed as backward compatible. Like every other time they release a backwards compatible games.
I'll say.
It was recommended to me by a Ganestop eemployee when I got a 360. I, myself, managed to be drawn to the game and the series since.

Has it really been 9/10 years?
Year When I picked up an Xbox 360 I picked Ridgeracer and Dead Rising. Shop assistant said to choose Oblivion instead of Ridge Racer.

Amazing game the initial escape from the prison when you enter the open world was incredible!