More projects set in the Child of Light universe incoming?!

Ditch the pure poetry stuff for speech and we are good

Can keep it for cinematics or something is you want because it was great at times, other times incredibly forced
No more rhymes please. It did not work for CoL. Sure, it added to the whimsyness of the game but it was a chore to read anything seriously. Keep the combat though.


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Enjoyed the game but the last hour or so was disappointing. Just reeked of them running out of time which was unfortunate.

I think it'd be really interesting if what they're doing has to do with the stuff talked about in the confessions.
If only they improve the combat. Was terrible in the main game.

The combat was a personal highlight of mine. along with the beautiful art style and that amazing soundtrack.

I was kind of hoping for some kind of "Lemuria Chronicles" or something, wildly different games of different genres, art styles and different characters, but all connected by the land of Lemuria. It makes sense considering the notes found in game.
I really enjoyed Child of Light, so I'd love a sequel of sorts. I'm glad it did well enough to have another game made. Must be why NA finally got a Vita physical edition after so long.


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Yes. YES. Need the sequel to my 2014 GOTY right into my veins.

EDIT: no rhymes and different combat style? What are you people talking about? Those were like some of my favorite things about the game!
What if Child of Light did a 3D version with a world map and all ala Ni No Kuni? Or is 3D out of their budget?
Also don't know how 3D would work with that artstyle.
Man i love Ni No Kuni's world map (Hisashi's themes don't hurt, either).

I'd be down for something like this if they had the budget.
I found it curious but didn't like it very much, its saving grace for me was that it's short. A lot of wasted potential imo, but maybe they can improve in the next game