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My review of A-GA. Horrible horrible. (56k, I'm sorry)


Forewarning: Though this game is of a sexual nature, I have carefully tried made sure none of the images and information in this post are in violation of the TOS. None of the content in this post should be any more graphic than say your average doax thread.

Also please do not reply in this thread begging for information on the game. If you have questions please reach me privately

As you may of known, I've thrown up small previews/reviews of various adult games in the past on GAF. Mainly in a show of jest, but also to make people aware of an odd string of games that will never make it to this shore.

Three such games (Biko 2 & 3, and Sexy Beach 2) have all been made by the same company Illusion. A-GA is Illusion's newest creation, unfortunately it doesn't seem like they tried very hard on this one.


The game is fully in Japanese, and though I can maybe understand .01 % of what is said in the game, the basis of the story is pretty evident. The main character you play as I-o (ee-o), seems to work for some mercenary group made of 2 other members.

I-o ・The main character. From what I can gather I-o joined the group 2 years ago after her sister was killed during an attack on her home town. Now she fights for the group using a light sword and dual pistols.




Ryuteia ・The stereotypical perky girl who provides the comic relief. Constantly making weird sound effects or running away scared at the slightest hint of danger. I have no idea what her real role in the team is.




Fii ・The captain of the ship. The stereotypical soft spoken woman with the mother type nature. She also seems to possess some type of magical powers.


Other members include some dude with a gun that shows up, and the leader who gives the girls their battle plan.



Since the story is the main draw of the game, being fluent in Japanese will definitely help the experience, otherwise you're going to do some good guess work.


To say this game had any gameplay would be an compliment. Unlike Illusions previous games that give you real time game scenes and rewards you with real time interactive scenes, A-GA gives you short real time game scenes and lengthy pre-rendered movies.

I'd figure about 95% of the game is prerecorded movies, the other 5% is just short frustrating activities with the only goal in mind to trigger the next scene.

So heres a basic rundown in what happens at each "level".

*Introduction scene is played*
Here you usually get some info about your mission and maybe a look into the characters' personalities.


At this point you're given a menu with very sparse options. You can talk to Fii who will give you various biographies on characters you've met, and other story related information. You can also talk to Ryuteia who says something in Japanese that I don't understand.

You're also given the option to save, and then head out for your mission.

*The mission*

Missions consist of I-o traveling in some horribly plain environment trying to reach the end door. So what makes it difficult. Well first of all the controls are really lacking. You have your directional buttons for moving, a button devoted to ducking, and a button to do a spinning attack that has a bigger radius than it visually indicates.

So the controls are horrible, but no need to worry the levels are pitifully easy. There is only one true enemy on each level, and that's the robot bees. All they do is fly up to you out of nowhere and explode, but as long as you occasionally hit the slash button you'll be ok.

Besides the bees there are various obstacles, such as some turret which shoots out some weird energy, or various traps that'll trigger if you go down the wrong hall.

But even with all the obstacles and bees you'll be alright. Each level you have *6*
Healing items which will fill your health bar. So far I've only had to use 1 of these on one level, and only cause I wasn't paying attention.

Once you get to the end door of the level the next cinematic will be triggered.




*Pre boss cinematic (sometimes)*

Introduces the boss.


*Boss Fight*

Bosses consist of several parts that can be shot. I-o can strafe in a limited area while shooting various parts of the boss. Again this is very easy (with a controller), and becomes more of a "how fast can I push the buttons" game. With a fast finger and the multitude of health items you'l be fine.


*End of mission cinematic*
Wraps up the level ect ect.

So there's the "gameplay" of A-GA. It'd horribly pitiful and seems (compared to their other games) as something they threw in just to string the movies together. But get this・ You don't even need to play the game to watch the movies. Nope, illusion thought they were smart renaming the movies to an .aga extention making you think they're some game specific video. Nope, just run it through any ole video player and you're good to go. There's no real story in the actual real time events and you're not given any choices that affect the story, so you're not missing anything.

But I know what you're all thinking. Hey this is an adult game, how are the videos? Unfortunately I can't show any pictures from those scenes, but for the most part they're average. All the cinematics have graphics that are a bit better than the real time, so it's nothing mind blowing. There are also times where the animations are just off and don't look right at all (opening fight scene as an example). Oh and yes, it's censored.

All in all, A-GA is a pretty weak attempt by Illusion at this genre (even though a lot less disturbing). Having weak gameplay (even if weaker than normal) is nothing to be surprised at in such a game. The bad part is that you're presented with a graphic novel that you have no interaction with. Usual games like this give you many choices that can effect the outcome of the story, and I have yet to see a single one in A-GA. So what really is the point? Why make a game if there's no true interaction with the gamer・Illusion should of just slapped all the cinemas together on a DVD released it as a hentai movie.

H-Game grade: D.


Digital Foundry pixel pusher
Ferrio said:
My tag goes too well with this.......

Yeah, I was thinking the same thing... :\

I have no idea where you find all this stuff...but...heh. Though, to be fair, I actually know someone who has played some serious Sexy Beach 2. :p
dark10x said:
I actually know someone who has played some serious Sexy Beach 2. :p

I defy you to get to the end scene of just one or two of those girls, see that the final "toy" to use on the girl is a pool cue, wrench, or tentacle, and then not play through the rest to see what other crazy shit they throw in. You pleasure a woman with her own firearm.


So I had to get my roomate to translate ferrios tag. Apparently it just means "really perverted" ?

I'm going to assume that the disc image of this is up on a certain exploding sun related website or will be shortly so those in the "know" can obtain it if they really care that much.
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