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Need iPad (or alternative) buying advice for a 1st grader for schooling @ home.


Gaf, what’s the best way to buy an iPad right now, that is affordable and good for lite productivity like word processing comfortably?

My seven year old needs a device at home to stay in touch with his teacher and classmates once Spring break is over. Mostly it will be for reading lessons, Zoom conferences with classmates, watching videos and probably running educational apps. His school uses iPads in the classroom (they don’t come home), so I’m thinking an iPad fits best for doing the same stuff at home.

I’m looking at an Apple refurbished iPad Pro 12.9” for $499, mostly so that my kid has a large enough screen to use it like a laptop. But then I’m getting into $600-$700 territory once you add a keyboard, screen protector, etc.

I can save about $120 by going down to a 10.5” of the same generation “Pro” device. But is that too small for extended desk-top use?

Or are there other iPad models that I can fully accessorize for around $500 that would work well for light productivity?

Thanks in advance for your thoughts. Tablet tech is not my wheelhouse!
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Have you looked into Apple’s $329 iPad?

It’s created specifically for this education purpose. Judging by what you say your child needs, this might do the job well, for a much better price. I’d look into some reviews, but last I checked, they came off well for the price.

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10.2 inch screen isn’t bad at all. You may also not need the pro if you are only interested in light productivity use cases. The regular iPad should be more than enough for videos conferencing and most school stuff like word processing and educational apps.


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As Sejan pointed out, the 10.2 is a good enough iPad. It's the one my sons use for school. They're 10 and 11 and right now they're using it for remote learning. I have an 11 inch pro, but I do more heavy tasks like photo editing.
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