NeoGAF Drawing-a-Day Thread

Nov 17, 2014
So... one of my daily drawings from last month is featured in an exhibit at the beautiful Scarab Club in downtown Detroit. It'll be there until next Wednesday. It's on the second floor, in the room that looks like it's from the game Clue. I wonder where the candlestick is hidden?
Hey, what a cool building! And congrats. It's a great feeling seeing your work out in the open isn't it?

Ooh, this will come in handy. Thanks for that.

So I finally drove to Home Depot and bought some masonite panels. The older gentleman running the saw cut me a couple 18x24s and a larger 20x48 for a future illustration project. It's so much cheaper than canvas, but all you need for a working surface is gesso and sandpaper.

Just looking at some of my color work, I think I'm going to switch to painting real life for a bit. I don't think these paintings are a total loss or anything, but clearly there are some technical things that need working on. Does anyone have any specific advice (past work for reference)?

These are all 11x17s btw.


Somewhere Beyond the Sea Character Designs

A foodie must dive into the inky depths to save her brother from certain digestion from the Technicolor Albino Kraken. Food shortages, aquatic zombies, and talks of perfect meals abound.

Believe it or not, this upcoming comic project was not inspired by Life Aquatic (I’ve only seen the first twenty minutes).
Jun 6, 2004
Jan 15, 2011
New paleo art:

Regarding the above dinosaurs (in the sunlit forest, not the misty one), I went off of what the most current fossil evidence suggests they look like. And there's really not a lot of suggesting involved since the best fossil of these guys is a mummy with everything preserved down to the pattern and coloration of its skin and the quills on its tail. It's one of the few dinosaurs in which there is enough scientific data to know pretty much exactly what it looked like.

These are really cool. Particularly the mood sense of atmosphere.
Much obliged, bud! TBH I butchered the proportions on the Brachiosaurs though and recently fixed them with some help from a dude on an art discord. They are much less mammalian according to up-to-date paleontology so here is the fixed version for anyone interested: