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NeoGAF November Gif and Meme contest. Winner Gets Gold

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Oct 23, 2016
Welcome to NeoGAF Gif and Meme Contest for the month of November

To see last months contest, click HERE!!!

We had a great month in October. Strong submissions from SmokSmog SmokSmog zuffuel zuffuel Rossco666 Rossco666 Dodkrake Dodkrake Eternal21 Eternal21 Neo Blaster Neo Blaster PSX PSX and many more.

But Flintty Flintty was Octobers winner, and they had a dominate month.

But it is November and Flintty Flintty must defend the title of Gif and Meme Champion.


1. The Gif/Meme you submit must be your own creation. NO DIGGING UP OLD GIFS (KAZ GIFS) AND SUBMITTING UNLESS YOU ARE THEIR CREATORS!!!

2. It must be GAMING related.

3. One Gif/Meme per post. You may make as many posts as you like. But it must be one per post. Have 3 Gif/Memes? Make 3 posts.

4. Monthly winner will be decided at the end of the month by post/entry with most likes. You may like as many posts as you want. The winner will get the tag "Gif and Meme Champion” that you will wear until the next winner is crowned.

Credit to PengTiki PengTiki who was kind enough to provide information for wondering how to get started.

Some online GIFFING options;

Use images or edit your video or youtube from url or giphy gifs,
then add captions!

MS Paint style animator!

Online Meme Makers;

Add image, add text:


And there is also this: https://ezgif.com

Good Luck GAF
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Apr 17, 2015
The thumbnails in the second video of that topic was perfect for this gif.

here he\she looks happy.

The videoes were removed from the thread before I got there and the framegrab posted by Nymphae Nymphae had a big red youtube play button over it unfortunately.
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