NeoGAF turns modern games into PSOne-era classics!

Yeah, a lot of what's been posted looks more like what you'd get when a dev tried to make a fully polygonal 3D game on GBA than a PS1 game. But still, great work guys!
I figured if Ubisoft made Watch_Dogs back in the PS1 era it would have been a slightly toonier and goofier game in line with other Ubisoft releases like Rayman and Tonic Trouble:

the city textures came from silent hill, and the life count font is edited from rayman 1
My first reaction to seeing this post was to shout "This can't be happening!" but I restrained myself and laughed very hard instead. The whole thread is amazing, but this right here is just brilliant.
Quick War Thunder in AE (only 3D i can work with) demake as cheap and fast PS1 game from people who don't know how to work with console SDK (a lot of Russian developers back then).

Did you use a screenshot of regular DS1 or of Dead Space iOS/Android for this? Imo textures and models still look too good. Could you do this again with a screenshot of Dead Space iOS/Android or Dead Space Extinction (Wii) ? I bet you'd get shittier results :D (wow, this must be the first time I want to see crappier images)
This thread is incredible, great job everyone

(Though it makes me wonder if some of you actually played PS One games, cuz for the most part they look waaaay worse than this)