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NeoGAF Votes: Most Anticipated Game of 2016 (Voting has been over for weeks)


Mar 28, 2013
It's their own fault if they want to waste their precious slots on games that aren't confirmed for next year.
They're throwing points away they could allocate to sometihng that will actually chart on the list.
Heh, "precious slots"...

What about Frog Fractions 2? That has already passed the only announced release window it will ever have, and surely The Jig will be up by the end of 2016.
I didn't understand a word you just said, dangerskew.


Oct 25, 2010
1) Street Fighter V: I love fighting games, and this is going to be a big one.
2) The Last Guardian: when the trailer for this came on, my wife pulled the car over and we watched it together on my phone. Hype.
3) Persona 5: I still haven't finished P4G, but I have loved what I have played.
4) Dark Souls III: I still have to play DSII and the BB expansion, but I enjoy this series.
5) Odin Sphere Leifthrasir: the best story ever with good combat? I'm in!
6) Final Fantasy XV: hopefully this stores the series; I'll wait for reviews.
7) King of Fighter XIV: hopefully they make the game decent before release. I have my eye on this, which is a compliment in-of-itself.
8) Tekken 7: I'm unsure as to whether I'll get this, because we might get a new BlazBlue and Guilty Gear along with Street Fighter V next year. That would be a lot to focus on. I'm open to the game, though.
9) Valkyria: Azure Revolution: I have to a lot more to be convinced of a purchase, but I find the world interesting.
10) Killer Instinct Season 3: this is assuming that KI comes out on PC at some point next year. I will definitely pick this game up. I put it at #10 because its status is uncertain in my mind.

Special mention to wondering how Scalebound will turn out.

Lys Skygge

Jun 23, 2014
1. Uncharted 4: A Thief's End: This would have been a little lower on my list, but after the beta and the new footage shown at PSX, my hype levels are through the roof right now.

2. The Last Guardian: After so many years of not hearing anything about this game, E3 opened with a great looking demo that sold me on The Last Guardian. I'm incredibly excited that we finally get to play it in 2016.

3. Dark Souls 3: Last year I was introduced to the "Souls" series with Bloodborne. I immediately fell in love with the Bloodborne/Souls style and picked up Dark Souls II for PS4 which I also loved (though not as good as Bloodborne). I'm really excited to play Dark Souls III especially since it seems to take the best elements from Dark Souls and Bloodborne.

4. Horizon: Zero Dawn: A couple months ago this would have been higher on my list, but my hype as died down a bit since the fantastic reveal. I'm still hyped for it! But I want to see more!!!

5. No Man's Sky: Another game that I've lost a bit of hype for (I'm still hyped though). I'm just ready to finally get my hands on it!!!!

6. South Park: The Fractured, But Whole: LOVED The Stick of Truth! I would say it was my 2014 GoTY. I'm excited to see what Matt and Trey will bring us with the sequel :)

7. Firewatch: I love the mystery surrounding this game. I'm eager to play and find out what this game is about.

8. Unravel: Looks beautiful and charming as hell!

9. The Witness: Another mysterious game that has my curiosity.

10. Ratchet & Clank: I'm excited to replay one of my favorite PS2 games!

Honorable Mention: Dreams. I wasn't sure if this was confirmed for 2016 so I left it off my list.


Dec 13, 2008
1. Dark Souls 3
2. No Man's Sky
3. XCom 2
4. Doom
5. Dragon's Dogma (PC)
6. Final Fantasy XV
7. Street Fighter 5
8. Rise of The Tomb Raider (PC)
9. Mirror's Edge 2
10. Hitman


Mar 19, 2015
1. Uncharted 4
2. Horizon Zero Dawn
3. No Man Sky
4. "Destiny 2" (not announced, but we all know it will launch in September)
5. Dishonored 2
6. Hitman
7. The Division
8. Firewatch


Aug 17, 2015
1. The Last Guardian
2. Zero Time Dilemma
3. Street Fighter V
4. Nier Automata
5. Uncharted 4: A Thief's End
6. No Man's Sky
7. The Legend of Zelda U
8. Zettai Zetsumei Toshi 4 Plus: Summer Memories
9. Drift Stage
10. Hitman


Feb 2, 2014
I'm only really actively anticipating two games, but if I think of any others I'll add them in.

1. Dark Souls 3 : With what seems to be Yuka Kitamura doing more of the composing work, she did Sir Alonne's theme from Dark Souls 2, the soundtrack alone is getting me hyped for this game. I'm a massive fan of Dark Souls and Bloodborne for the relentless and rewarding gameplay as well as the storytelling and atmosphere From Software has knocked out of the park consistently. I really can't wait to delve into Dark Souls in this apocalyptic scenario.

2. Nier Automata : I would have been hyped for a new Nier regardless of what team's actually developing it as long as they had the key figures from the original game. But, to then also have Platinum Games come in and improve the area Nier was lacking the most in is a dream come true. What was holding the original game back was the average, but serviceable gameplay and with this fixed this game could very much be better than the first. I am very much looking forward to what they have in store for us.

Adam M

Jul 1, 2014
Budapest, Hungary
1. Uncharted 4: A Thief's End: Naughty dog aka Storytelling God can make emotions like none else
2. Quantum Break: Remedy is the other storytelling genius team, I really like the plot of this game
3. Mass Effect: Andromeda: again, storytelling but in a different way. You have to live in the characters body and make decisions and choices which can dramatically change everything
4. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided: this is the game about sacrifices I guess, Adam's life is not easy for sure
5. Hitman: I think the first hitman was the first game where I really neaded to use my head how to do things and when and what we already know about this new hitman is it will probably give us the puzzles we like
6. Tom Clancy's The Division: This could be awesome if you have friends, if you are like me then it will be sad but still good experience
7. Gears of War 4: king of cover based shooters, I really love Unreal Tournament and this game's art reminds me to UT so I really like, I don't know the story though
8. Mirror's Edge Catalyst: unique gameplay and hopefully good story
9. Gran Turismo Sport: At the moment I don't have any wheel and I'm not planning to buy one so this game is on my list because I'm curious what they can achieve visually on PS4, also I would like to listen proper engine sounds

All games art direction, soundtrack, etc. seems very promising.

Nowhere Man

Mar 29, 2013
Top 10:
  1. NieR: Automata
  2. Yakuza 0
  3. Persona 5
  4. Dark Souls 3
  5. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided
  6. Zelda U
  7. Ratchet & Clank
  8. Uncharted 4
  9. Star Fox Zero
  10. Final Fantasy XV
Honorable Mentions:
  • Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness
  • The Last Guardian
  • Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue
  • The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel 2
  • Odin Sphere: Leifthrasir
  • World of Final Fantasy
  • Ni-Oh
  • Gravity Rush 2
  • Horizon Zero Dawn
Oct 9, 2013
  1. Persona 5 (PS4): Finally a new entry in my favorite JRPG series and it really looks amazing and stylish! The dungeon look much more improved on other entries in the series and the main character, his companions, and personas have me excited. Especially Morgana and his/her story!
  2. NieR: Automata (PS4)
  3. Dark Souls 3 (PS4/PC)
  4. The Last Guardian (PS4)
  5. Gravity Rush 2 (PS4/Vita)
  6. Zero Escape 3: Zero Time Dilemma (Vita)
  7. Fire Emblem Fates (3DS)
  8. Uncharted 4: A Thief's End (PS4)
  9. DanganRonpa V3 (Vita)
  10. Horizon Zero: Dawn (PS4)

Honerable Mentions


Jul 28, 2011
1. Zelda Wii U : I'm in for another year of vague yearning. Hopefully this is the year, but I'm anxious about how little they've actually shown.
2. Dark Souls 3 : The network test looked great. I'm hoping this game has more substance than DS2 or BB.
3. Fire Emblem Fates: Awakening was fantastic. I'm a little concerned about the weirdness getting amped up too far (face rubbing, etc.), but they haven't lost me yet.
4. Dragon Quest VII : The last DQ game I haven't really played. Super excited it's finally coming over.
5. Bravely Second : Yeah, I want another one of these.
6. Street Fighter V : I'm a little concerned about the roster and "service" angle, but I'm still in.
7. XCOM 2 : Kinda wish I could go back in time and reassure myself from five years ago that the only XCOM we knew of back then (what became the Bureau) wouldn't actually supplant the real series.
8. No Man's Sky : Yeah, I'll still buy this.
9. Below : Is this game still being made? It is, right?
10. The Witness : See above.


Jul 27, 2013
1. Final Fantasy XV : Maybe this won't be just a fantasy based on reality anymore.
2. Dragon Quest VII : Excluding the MMO, this is the only mainline DQ I haven't finished. The PS1 version wasn't released in PAL regions. It is one of my favourite series.
3. Dark Souls III : Another one of my favourite series. I haven't been following news about it very much to keep it fresh when I play it.
4. Persona 5 : So much of what I like about Persona 4 is its story, so hopefully Persona 5 can equal it or better.
5. Ratchet & Clank : E3 trailers were very impressive and showed the scope of the changes they were making, which had previously appeared to be minor.
6. The Legend of Zelda : Though we don't know much about it...
7. The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD : I played through a few dungeons recently in the Wii version, and then stopped because this was leaked. I look forward to the gamepad controls, expecting gyro aiming like in Wind Waker HD.
8. The Witness : I expect the layout of the world, with multiple puzzles nearby in different directions to be appealing.
9. The Last Guardian : After they've waited for all the other guardians to die, it's coming out. Assuming the puzzling is good, I look forward to more Ico.
10. Uncharted 4: A Thief's End : Recently playing through Uncharted 1-3 made me think more highly of their pacing, which had previously been a matter I didn't like in them.

There are quite a few games more than these 10 that I've cut. It looks like it will be a great year for games.

Only three of these games were on my list last year (Persona 5, Uncharted 4, The Legend of Zelda)! Better record than I thought. And two from the year before that (The Witness and Persona 5).


Apr 28, 2014
Baltimore, MD
1. Uncharted 4
2. No Man Sky
3. Mass Effect: Andromeda
4. Horizon Zero Dawn
5. Rime
6. Mirror’s Edge Catalyst
7. Ratchet and Clank
8. The Tomorrow Children
9. Death’s Gambit
10. Mafia III


Sep 23, 2011
1. Street Fighter V
2. Dark Souls 3
3. Yakuza 0
4. King of Fighters XIV
5. Ni-Oh
6. Gran Turismo Sport
7. Doom
8. Dragon's Dogma (PC)
9. Final Fantasy XV
10. Zelda Wii U


Aug 1, 2015
1. Yakuza 0
2. The Last Guardian
3. Zero Escape 3
4. The Legend of Heroes Trails of Cold Steel 2
5. Gravity Rush 2
6. Project Setsuna
7. Dragon Quest VII
8. Mighty No 9
9. Dark Souls III
10. World of Final Fantasy


Neo Member
Jun 8, 2013
1. Fire Emblem Fates : I'm a Fire Emblem fanboy since the first game came out for us westerners and that hasn''t changed, even though Awakening was a disappointment

2. Persona 5 : I really liked P3/P4 and the new entry of this series looks stylish as hell.

3. Dragon Quest XI : The humour of this series is just adorable and it is one of those games that stayed true to its origin (not counting Dragon Quest X), so this can't disappoint. (probably 2017 outside of Japan)

4. Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth : I always wanted to play a Digimon-RPG and didn't get to play any of the old ones. This is my time.

5. The Last Guardian : We've been waiting for this for so long, but it seems like it isn't that long anymore. They said they aim for 2016, so I'm voting for this even though I don't really believe this will actually happen, but let's see and be surprised.

6. The Legend of Zelda (Wii U) : I'm a fan of this series. I still haven't played Skyward Sword and Link Between Worlds, but I plant to.

7. Ikenie to Yuki no Setsuna : That is the game of Square Enix' new studios and it looks pretty. As I love tradional JRPGs I'm sure I'm getting my fun out of it.

8. Final Fantasy XV : Boy Group on an adventure sounds like fun. The demo was promising, it looks gorgeous and I haven't missed a main entry of the single player Final Fantasies, although FFXV was planned as a Spin-Off and I often like to view it as it still being one. :D

9. Youkai Watch : Japan seems to love it and 2016 it will finally be available in Europe.

10. The Legend of Legacy : The battle system sounds like that of Final Fantasy 2. I really liked the idea of the level system and am excited to see how this game turns out. (Europe release)


Apr 10, 2015
1. Legend of Zelda U:
2. Dark Souls 3: Love these games.
3. Pokemon Z: It felt weird not having a game this year.
4. Metroid Prime Federation Force: Never played a Metroid game before but man does this bring out a lot of interesting posts. Whether I get it or not it will be fun on the web.
5. Dragon's Dogma PC: Love this gem.
6. No Man's Sky:
7. Horizon - Zero Dawn:
8. The Last Guardian:
9. Final Fantasy XV:
10. Star Fox Zero:

Deleted member 98878

Unconfirmed Member
1. No Man's Sky
2. Yooka-Laylee
3. Dragon's Dogman: Dark Arisen
4. Mafia III
5. Unravel
6. The Guild 3
7. Cyberpunk 2077
8. Rise of The Tomb Raider
9. Below
10. Sherlock Holmes: The Devil's Daughter

Not that excited for 2016 so far.


Mar 28, 2013
1. The Last Guardian : Could be a huge disappointment... or one of the greatest games of all time.
2. Horizon Zero Dawn : Love the setting, female protagonist, etc.
3. Yakuza 0: Yakuza is the best. Can't wait to play it on current gen.
4. Mass Effect Andromeda : If it's a significant leap forward, this could be amazing.
5. Ratchet & Clank : Always fun.
6. Mafia III : A fresh take on organized crime games.
7. Far Cry Primal : Like Horizon above, I like the setting and stuff, but I'm kind of over Far Cry gameplay... hopefully it feels a lot different.
8. Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End : A little tired, but Naughty Dog...
9. Firewatch : Intriguing. Could be special... or meh.
10. Cuphead : You can't beat that art style...

P.S. I hope ReCore is as great as I think it could be. I'm also looking forward to Hellblade because I really liked Enslaved.

Chû Totoro

Mar 13, 2006
1. Zelda U
2. The Last Guardian
3. Yakuza 0
4. The Witness
5. Firewatch
6. Rime
7. Mirror’s Edge Catalyst
8. Hyrule Warriors 3DS
9. Twighlight Princess HD
10. Street Fighter V


Oct 3, 2006
1. Mass Effect: Andromeda
2. Street Fighter V
3. Scalebound
4. Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2
5. Horizon: Zero Dawn
6. Gears of War 4
7. Uncharted 4
8. The Division
9. Crackdown 3
10. Below


Jul 10, 2013
1. Mass Effect Andromeda: It's the next Mass Effect. This is my video game Star Wars. epic space opera with engaging dialogue and not bogged down my dreadful combat of most WRPGs.

2. Horizon Zero Dawn

3. Uncharted 4

4. Persona 5

5. Ratchet and Clank

6. Final Fantasy XV

7. The Division

8.Dragon Quest VII

9. South Park: The Fractured but Whole

10. Zelda Wii U


is responsible for the well-being of this island.
Feb 28, 2013

1. The Last Guardian

2. Rime

3. Abzu

4. Unravel

5. Hunger

6. Uncharted 4: A Thief's End

7. Final Fantasy XV

8. Nier: Automata

9. Mirror's Edge Catalyst

10. Horizon: Zero Dawn


May 5, 2013
  1. Persona 5 : love Persona and this looks to eclipse the previous ones
  2. Dark Souls III : love Dark Souls
  3. Quantum Break : love Remedy
  4. Nier Automata : could be amazing with enough creative freedom
  5. Torment - Tides of Numenera : a little skeptical, but very curious
  6. Star Citizen : very curious how this unique project will ultimately pan out
  7. Deus Ex - Mankind Divided : just a sequel to a great game
  8. Dishonored 2 : just a sequel to a great game
  9. Shadow Warrior 2 : just a sequel to a great game
  10. Hitman : loved Blood Money, hated Absolution, so we'll see


Aug 6, 2013
Raleigh, NC
1. Dragon Quest XI
2. The Last Guardian
3. Street Fighter V
4. Zelda WiiU
5. Nioh
6. Persona 5
7. Dragon Quest VIII on 3DS
8. No no Kuni 2
9. Uncharted 4

Anything else Platinum Games may announce they are working on my cause this list to adjust.


Oct 13, 2006
  1. The Legend of Zelda U: Big and beautiful looking entry for the series. Very curious how this open world direction works out, but I know it's going to be a great game.
  2. Uncharted 4: ND does amazing work and I love the Uncharted series. I'm a little apprehensive about more serious undertones (I'd prefer it keep the Indiana Jones camp), but I'm looking forward to ND's closing chapter on this series.
  3. Scalebound: I love Platinum games and everything I've read about it from the IGN First Look Month sounds right up my alley.
  4. Quantum Break: Remedy does amazing work and this seems to be their most ambitious game yet. Looking forward to seeing how it turns out.
  5. Recore: It's a new adventure game from some of the team members that worked on Metroid Prime (one of my favorite games ever).
  6. The Last Guardian: I loved SotC, but didn't like Ico. This could go either way, but I'm going to be optimistic.
  7. Halo Wars 2: loved the first one and I'm a Halo lore junky now, so anything that expands the universe is great by me.
  8. Gears of War 4: I enjoy the series a lot and I'm quite curious to see how The Coalition's first game turns out.
  9. Horizon Zero Dawn: I love the concept and it looks fantastic. I haven't played a GG title that I really enjoyed yet, but it seems like this one could be it.
  10. Mirror's Edge Catalyst: Loved the first one, so I'm glad it's coming back.


May 9, 2006
Gothenburg, Sweden
1. The Last Guardian : Because they have to deliver. And you know, even if it turns out to be a bit crap I'm still looking forward to see what the hell it is.

2. The Legend of Zelda Wii U : This just looks gorgeous and seems to deliver on the impressionistic / water color style that Skyward Sword promised but failed to live up to. Here's hoping Aonuma let's go of the players hand and allows some actual exploration of that vast Hyrule landscape.

3. The Witness : I am super intrigued by this game and having been in the dark for a while I know little about the mechanics except for the early line/grid puzzles. The game being over 50 hours long according to Jonathan Blow makes me both sceptical and super excited.

4. REZ INFINITE : This game sold me on VR. I've had a "wait and see" approach until now, thinking that I'll put down my money once the dust settles. REZ in VR just sounds way too good and I can't resist buying it on Day 1.

5. No Man's Sky : Still very intrigued by this one. Will they pull it off? Just how big, interesting and deep can a game like this be from a studio that small? And what the hell is it actually about? I'm hoping for something very organic, a sandbox full of discovery and joy and not lazy mechanics that just fills up a bunch of meters and makes my numbers go higher.

6. Dark Souls III : This could probably have been my nr 1, but in terms of anticipation it's a bit of a known quantity. Granted it's a quantity that I love, but it really doesn't stir up the same excitement as the others. Still, looks ace, am prepared to die.

7. Firewatch : I love games that dare to be grounded and understated rather than big and explody. Firewatch has a very serene atmosphere to it that I like. Here's hoping they don't jump the shark half way through.

8. Torment: Tides of Numenara : So, Planescape: Torment is one of my favourite games of all time and I don't think this spiritual sequel can top it. Not having played Wasteland 2, I'm not really sure what to expect but I'm hoping that inExile can deliver a good story driven cRPG.

9. Uncharted 4 : By the time Uncharted 3 was released I had reached some kind of saturation point for 'cinematic' third person shooters. Enough years have passed that I'm itching to get back into the action.

10. Dragon's Dogma HD : Never played this on consoles, mainly because of the performance issues. Had the story spoiled for me some time ago, but the draw here seems to be the combat and exploration anyway.

Wish I had more indie games/smaller games on this list. The hype machine starts churning closer to release the smaller the game is it seems (sometimes it's not until word of mouth starts going post-release that something really catches fire, Rocket League being a great example for that). Anyway, here are a few indies that I'm keeping an eye on:

The Tomorrow Children
Hyper Light Drifter


Sep 17, 2012
Zero Escape 3: Zero Time Dilemma- I can't wait for the conclusion to my favorite game series
Street Fighter 5- Loving a lot of what they shown so far
100ft Robot Golf- the concept is amazing and it looks great
Horizon: Zero Dawn- The gameplay blew my expectations out of the water
The Witness- It's been a long time coming, but I haven't seen much because I want to be surprised
Firewatch- The story sounds super interesting
The Last Guardian- The e3 demo looked great

Dog Problems

Jan 26, 2010
1. Day of the Tentacle Remastered : The original is one of my all-time favorite games and I can't wait to play this remastered version. I'm most excited for the commentary.

2. Thimbleweek Park

3. Abzu

4. Firewatch

5. Below

6. The Witness

7. Tacoma

8. Jenny LeClue

9. Overwatch

10. World of Warcraft: Legion


Apr 15, 2013
Atlanta, GA
After a full year of AAA gaming focused purchases ... I have seen almost no confirmed 2016 titles from the expected big publishers that are floating my boat. However, I have a ton of Indy titles (Indy is used loosely here) that I am very excited about ....

1. No Man's Sky : Procedurally generated space exploration
2. Firewatch : Fucked up guy becomes a park ranger, gets caught up in a mystery, all done in beautiful cell-shaded artwork in a open world setting... yes please.
3. Abzu: Journey (of sorts) underwater. I get that Flower feeling from it and want to support this.
4. Horizon Zero Dawn: Who can say no to Dino-bots?
5. The Witness : I could go for a modern day version of Myst
6. Hunger: Beautifuly art-directed action suspense bit about a girl trapped in a strange world
7.Uncharted 4:Never played one before - may buy the HD collection, then this. Maybe
8. Rise of the Tomb Raider PS4 - Wanted day 1, enjoyed the reboot, will purchase at a discount due to console hatting

Would include Ghost Recon IF it was confirmed, the changes intrigue me.
Jul 16, 2010
1. Final Fantasy XV - I grew up on the FF series, so it holds a very special place even with the not so good XIII, I believe in Square.

2. Dark Souls 3 - This is just another iteration of FromSoft saving modern gaming, this game will be rad, no doubts.

3 Nier Automata - Plat games + Yoko Taro. It's going to be incredible.

4. Persona 5 - It has been delayed a few times already, and another high school setting gives me pause, but hey it's Persona.

5. Mirror's Edge Catalyst - First game had a lovely OST and a refreshing MC, can't wait for more.

6. Horizon: Zero Dawn - Love the MC's design. That's all I can really say about it since it is a new IP and all, but I will keep my eyes peeled.


Jun 20, 2013
1. Dark Souls 3: This game is coming out relatively soon, so my anticipation is rising, especially coming off of The Old Hunters expansion from Bloodborne. Gimme dat Souls.

2. Star Ocean 5: Integrity and Faithlessness: It's true that Star Ocean 4 was a bit of a disappointment, but I still enjoyed playing it. And Star Ocean 5 looks to be really cool. I am digging the open design, party follow, and seamless battles. Graphics look nice as well.

3. Final Fantasy XV: This game is of course highly anticipated, although the Duscae demo left a lot to be desired. The thing is, that demo was pre-alpha and it doesn't show much of the story. And we all know that Final Fantasies focus on story and set pieces. So I'm still really looking forward to it.

4. Persona 5: Enjoyed Persona 3 and 4. I really dig the style of the new Persona.

5. Zelda Wii U: That little teaser that was released a little bit ago looked amazing. The visual design and the world. Can't wait.

6. Nier Automata: Really impressed this game is being made, and by Platinum no less. Can't wait.

7. Horizon Zero Dawn: This game looks great visually, and if it has the openness to tackle monsters any way you want, it could be really amazing gameplay.

8. Fire Emblem: Fates: Enjoyed Awakening.

9. The Last Guardian: Looks promising.


Jul 23, 2015
Wow, I wanted to enter NeoGaf exactly to participate in this kind of thread! This is my first one! Ha!

So, my votes:

1. Uncharted 4: One of the most beloved cast of characters going into a gran finale game? Count me in.

2. Horizon Zero Dawn: A redhead girl named Aloy with a cool bow? Plus mecha dinossaurs? I'm already sold.

3. Final Fantasy XV: That's it. I've being waiting for a final fantasy that would leave me flabbergasted since... the 10th installment, or the seventh if I'm being true to myself. This one will either revive or completely kill any trust I have in SquareEnix.

4. Zero Escape Zero Time Dilemma: Believe the hype, gentleman, because this series is awesomely well written.

5. Dragon Quest VII: FINALLY!

6. Nier Automata: Great story with awesome music and the battle part being made by Platinum Games? Is this real life?

7. The Last Guardian: I'm a fan of team ICO and this game is in my list since forever. Had it being release 2 or 3 years ago, it would be even higher.

8. The Division: The setting is great, graphics are insane and it's made by Ubisoft, meaning that it'll be a solid game no matter what. BUT, I truly, truly hope it delivers like no other (Ubisoft) game before. I'm kind of getting annoyed by the little lies they always present.

9. Rise of the Tomb Raider (PS4): It's low in my list because I already know it's a great game. What I don't know is its price and if there will be improvements compared to the XboxOne version.

10. Mafia III: I am a big fan of the first, while the second one was one of the biggest lies I've ever seen in the game industry, and also the single reason I don't believe in pre-purchases. So, will it deliver this time?

Sidelist, or, the games that did not entered the previous list because I don't know if a date was annouced: Cyberpunk 2077, Mass Effect Andromeda, Ace Attorney 6, NiOh and Final Fantasy VII Remake.


Dec 5, 2011

1. Persona 5

2. Overwatch

3. Final Fantasy XV

4. Deus Ex Mankind Divided

5. Nier: Automata

6. Dark Souls 3

7. SMT IV Final

8. Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem

9. Styx: Shards of Darkness

10. Bravely Second

Honorable Mentions:

There are just way too many great games coming in 2016 to fit into a top 10 list. Not sure if some of these will even release in 2016 but still deserve recognition. Really hope we get some Cyberpunk details soon and a set release date for Last Guardian but im still not convinced its ever coming out. Also as a huge Street Fighter fan it saddens me to say im nowhere near as excited for V as I was for IV.

Cyberpunk 2077
The Last Guardian
Star Ocean V
Fire Emblem Fates
Street Fighter V
Gravity Rush Remastered/Gravity Rush 2

2016 is the year Japanese developers make a huge comeback with some of my most anticipated games. The Top 4 of my list were seriously all tied for first imo accept for Persona, that one should be on everyone's list! The last spot was a tie between Bravely Second and Fire Emblem Fates but had to give it to Bravely in the end.


Feb 17, 2013
1. The Legend of Zelda
2. Yooka-Laylee
3. The WItness
4. Dreams

I'm just keeping my list short. The above games are those I believe I would enjoy the most. The Legend of Zelda is my precious, looking so much forward to that. Unlike the majority on Gaf (it seems), I did enjoy Skyward Sword. While the introduction was slow and the collecting tears was frustrating, I did not have any major problems with the game. I enjoyed the controls, albeit faulty at times, but mostly they seemed to work as intended. I hope they focus more on characters and story telling this time around, and I don't really want to see the renting system from A Link Between Worlds returned either. The footage so far looks good, I do dig the graphical style and the new Link character.

I'm expecting Yooka-Laylee to bring back memories of playing Banjo & Kazooie and Donkey Kong 64. So far the music is doing most of the work, bringing back something oddly familiar, but at the same time different. I have full faith in this team, although I chose not to back the Kickstarter. I like the characters they have shown thus far and I hope they manage to put out a great game.

My love for Zelda is particularly due to the puzzle elements. This is one of the reasons I' m looking forward to The Witness. He did blow (pun intended) me out of the water with Braid, and so far The Witness looks absolutely stunning.I open world filled with puzzles? I'm all in.

Last I have Dreams from Media Molecules.These guys made Little Big Planet, a game I've got hundreds of hours in - both playing other peoples creations, but also creating my own. I'm not a super creative person in this regard, but the simple tools and neat editor helped me create somewhat interesting levels. I hope they can do the same with Dreams. I'm not sure I understand the capacity of this game yet, but I think this game - if it can do what they're talking about - is going to be stellar.

Honorable Mentions:
Mirrors Edge is a hidden gem. It's amazing. It's short, but all hours spent in this game is worth it. I would have put Mirror's Edge: Catalyst on my list above if not for one thing: DICE. I don't have faith (pun not intended) in either them or EA. I do think the game is going to be great, but I also think they're going to frustrating parts about the game we have yet to be told. While BF4 did eventually turn out for the better (it's a great game now, highly recommended), I can not say the same for Battlefront. I hope Mirrors Edge: Catalyst is going to be great, but I have my reservations.

Another big title I think I included in my honorable mentions last year is No Man's Sky for the same reasons it is in the list this year. While we know more about it at this point, I'm still uncertain if this is going to be anything but a wonderful explorer (which is great, don't get me wrong). I hope this game can deliver on more fronts that just the exploration.


May 14, 2015
1. Uncharted 4: One of the few franchises were I'm actually invested in the storyline so I'm very excited to see how Drake & Sully's story will conclude. Also I can't wait to see how ND will push the PS4.

2. The Last Guardian: I've never actually played ICO or SOTC but I've been caught up in the hype for this over the years and really it's just the mystery that surrounds this game that has me hyped.

3. Ratchet & Clank: "I love Ratchet & Clank".

4. Pokken Tournament: Basically a dream come true. I've always wanted to actually control my Pokemon.

5. Horizon: Zero Dawn: I was blown away by this at E3 as I think most people were. The concept alone is intreguing yet it also looks stunning and mechanically excellent.

6. Gears of War 4: I don't own an Xbox One but Gears is one of my favourite franchises. I've asked for one for Xmas and it's mainly because I don't want to this game.

7. Hitman: I hated Absolution but I love the series overall and I'm excited for it to return to its roots.

8. Mass Effect: Andromeda: It would be a lot higher up if it wasn't for ME3 but it's still difficult to ignore given how much I enjoyed the first 2.

9. Quantum Break: It looks great and I really enjoyed Alan Wake. Another reason why I need to buy an Xbox One.

10. Zelda Wii U - I finished OOT 3DS and Wind Waker HD last summer and they were my first ever Zelda games. I'm looking forward to this as I'm now a semi fan of the series.


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Jun 7, 2004
Is there some reason that people believe Cyberpunk 2077 is coming out next year?

Cause it's not. It's probably not coming out until 2018 at the absolute earliest.