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NeoGeo MVSX: arcade-style NeoGeo cabinet with 50 preloaded games, MVS and AES versions playable

Agent X

SNK is back in the "home arcade" market with a new arcade-style cabinet called the NeoGeo MVSX.

This appears to target a similar market as the machines from Arcade1UP. The main unit is 25" tall for tabletop or countertop use, but you can also attach a 32" base for something resembling a traditional arcade cabinet. It has a 17" monitor with 1280x1024 resolution, two sets of controls with a joystick and six action buttons for each player.

50 games are included.

1. The King Of Fighters '94
2. The King Of Fighters '95
3. The King Of Fighters '96
4. The King Of Fighters '97
5. The King Of Fighters '98
6. The King Of Fighters '99
7. The King Of Fighters 2000
8. The King Of Fighters 2001
9. The King Of Fighters 2002
10. The King Of Fighters 2003

1. Metal Slug
2. Metal Slug 2
3. Metal Slug 3
4. Metal Slug 4
5. Metal Slug 5
6. Metal Slug X

1. Samurai Shodown
2. Samurai Shodown II
3. Samurai Shodown III
4. Samurai Shodown IV
5. Samurai Shodown V
6. Samurai Shodown V Special

1. Fatal Fury
2. Fatal Fury 2
3. Fatal Fury 3
4. Fatal Fury Special
5. Real Bout Fatal Fury
6. Real Bout Fatal Fury Special
7. Real Bout Fatal Fury 2
8. Garou: Mark Of The Wolves

1. World Heroes
2. World Heroes 2
3. World Heroes 2 Jet
4. World Heroes Perfect
5. Art Of Fighting
6. Art Of Fighting 3

1. Sengoku
2. Sengoku 2
3. Sengoku 3
4. Savage Reign
5. Magician Lord
6. The Last Blade
7. The Last Blade 2
8. Kizuna Encounter
9. Shock Troopers

1. Super Sidekicks
2. Top Player’s Golf
3. 3 Count Bout
4. Baseball Stars Professional
5. Football Frenzy

Both the MVS (arcade) and AES (home) versions of the games can be played.
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Gentlemen, we can rebuild it. We have the capability to make the world's first enhanced store. Steam will be that store. Better than it was before.
Most of these games are available on practically every modern system imaginable. Why would you opt to actually play them on a 3.5 inch screen?

EDIT: I'm an idiot
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Oh lord that looks like hot trash, not sure who these mini barcade machines appeal to.

Screen is the wrong resolution so won't have pixel scaling, It's emulation based and probably crap, Cheap no brand joysticks too close to each other to even be usable. It's in every way inferior to a real MVS.

For that price to could get a mister FPGA and Sanwa stick, or pickup an AES/MVS jamma board and a multicart
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Gentlemen, we can rebuild it. We have the capability to make the world's first enhanced store. Steam will be that store. Better than it was before.
You might want to read it again. It's got a 17" display and proper arcade controls.
Oh, yep I totally spaced on the dimensions there, not sure where I saw the 3.5 inch screen spec.


cabinets with 1 game go for around $1,000, to get all these games for $500 is deal!

Magic question is how much ?

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Oh wow it's not even custom, it's some rehashed arcade bartop with 6 buttons per player in the capcom kickstrap layout.

No neogeo game uses more than 4 buttons.

F for Effort!


Cores, shaders and BIOS oh my!
Finally a good sized cabinet that doesn't defeat the whole point by being too mini like their last one or SEGA's mini astro city. But that price is absurd. The tacky ugly base to make it upright instead of bartop being included doesn't justify it either.

Everything other than the price and the ugly base (and of course also that the main kit is shaped after the red american cabinets instead of the much nicer looking blue white japanese) is a good step in the right direction for these products though!

Maybe we'll finally see more companies do it right. I mean other than existing grey area (or rather outright piracy based) productions like the various Pandora's Box stuff. I'd love some legit products of this mould (heh, these are kinda like the jap SNK cabs):
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I could get behind this. Seeing a lot of people not happy with the price and I agree, but it's about what Arcade1up is charging for cabs with far less content on them. It's just nice to finally see some love for the big red.

EDIT: Saw games list. Finally! Some love for Sengoku. Previous minis just had part 3, but part 1 is where it's at. That game is straight crazy.
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LCD screen? For the price of a pc that's more than enough to emulate every one of these, i expect more thank you.
Really cool, but hard to justify at that price point. You can get AtGames Legends Ultimate Arcade for $550 at Walmart for a bigger cabinet, more control options and the ability to add your own games. The game collection is nice, but I wish there were some shooters like Pulstar and Blazing Star, and also Windjammers.

Agent X

Oh, yep I totally spaced on the dimensions there, not sure where I saw the 3.5 inch screen spec.

You probably saw the page description in the HTML from SNK's site, which was automatically quoted in the hyperlink in my original post. Whoever created this site apparently cut and paste some portion of the code from the page for the NeoGeo Mini.

Oh lord that looks like hot trash, not sure who these mini barcade machines appeal to.

It seems to be aimed at the same type of people who would go for Arcade1UP products. These aren't meant to be exact replicas of the original cabinets. They evoke the visual style of the arcade machines, but with smaller, lightweight designs that are more suited to home use.

I view these products partly as "decor", where they are meant to look attractive in your home environment, with enough authenticity that fans would immediately recognize it. Obviously, they are fully functional, so that you and your family and friends can have some fun playing with them occasionally. They're not designed to withstand the rigors that a full cabinet would endure daily in a public environment.

As far as 6-button controls are concerned--while it's not fully authentic to the original MVS 4-button design, it's a convenience that SNK has implemented in a lot of the home versions of these games. I can't fault them for this addition. Purists can simply ignore the extra two buttons.


Cores, shaders and BIOS oh my!
I imagine the "problem" is the button alignment even if you just use four of the six. Neo Geo arcade controls had all four in a line suitable for "piano" play with your thumb and three fingers. But I bet many who would buy this want the 6 buttons more so they can add different emus and games too.

It's an inconvenience that will certainly affect some pro's level of play in SNK's fighting games but it's minor for most everyone else who will appreciate having the ability to add more games easily with less hassle and inconvenience for those (even though that's not the product's actual purpose).

The solution to have both would be button alignment like in SNK's own recent arcade stick thing (which was obviously not meant to only play the SNK games included but also act as an arcade stick for different games, hence that button alignment so that it works well for anything out there).

Of course without removing the top row of buttons used for functions like start, select and what not, but as actual extra buttons altogether. Still, in this size cabinet it'd probably be way too cramped to go for something like that. Maybe a 4th button on the bottom row alone, next to the red one, fits.

Other 4 button games like Tekken have different button alignment obviously but for SNK's fighting games and their button combinations the line was ideal. Anyway, they should have included Samurai Shodown V Perfect, it feels incomplete without it now that it's become an actual released thing.
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Cores, shaders and BIOS oh my!
Speaking of pandora's box they just uploaded this cute thingie. It's neat, though I'm more partial to some of their other designs.
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