New Crackdown incoming?

Look at the bottom left tile:

UPDATE #1: In addition to Crackdown, so far we've found:

??? ended up being Project Spark, Below and Kinect Sports Rivals (Rare).

The Trending tab with two possible games (look at x friends/people played) | Project Spark and D4:

UPDATE #2: More photos thanks to TheVerge and Engadget, including a close up shot of a second possible Rare game. (Project Spark)

UPDATE #3: Rare comments on 'Knight' image (highlighted in UPDATE #1) and Quantum Break confirmed:

And finally there's this (D4):

Could easily be a system seller for me.
PS4 seems like a great system, but I haven't seen a game I felt I HAD to have yet.

A new, next-gen Crackdown with an ALL NEW city (I swear it better not be the same damn city again) is definitely a game I would consider a system for.

That one fraction of one screenshot got me more excited than anything else at this conference.


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Let's hope MS don't completely fuck it up like last time and give the developers more than a year to actually make it this time please ?
After that joke of a presentation, you can be sure I won't be there for it (if it actually exists). Not supporting all that anti-consumer nonsense for one game.
It also has a Halo logo and a bunch of other random pictures.

They had to fill it up with something other than Forza and a bunch of EA sports titles so I'm guessing its a mock-up.
Forza 5 vs Driveclub

Crackdown 3 vs Infamous Second Son

You know a shooter will launch with XBO to compete with Shadowfall

The software disparity/focus between PS4 and XBO is being so overblown by GAF.
Good spot. Why did they not show teasers for these titles instead of dedicating the whole thing to CoD and NFL.

Out of the 7 small tiles we can guess then:

Rare title
Is anybody wonder what could be at top right title would be? It look something like two eyes on the wall between the person, I could be sworn it remind of me something like Fable. Oh btw, first time post this forum.
Star Trek movie poster.

And welcome to the forum.


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I don't think this is a Star Trek movie poster. I looked up some and none of those look like that. +this is the games section of the OS.