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+1 for Lenovo. I just got one a few weeks ago, not a Legion but one of their more budget gaming laptops ($895) and it has been great. I've also had a Lenovo chromebook for years that is still working great. Overall been very happy with their products.
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I cry about SonyGaf from my chair in Redmond, WA
Welcome my fellow green rats, it's always great to hear from newcomers! And then there is the rest of you...

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Give it up, its never gonna get even remotely close to be 50/50.

You're lucky if you guys end up 15/85 if we arent counting Nintendo or PC.


@ The_Mike The_Mike the powers afforded to our cult group allow even a single rat to easily outwit up to 20 rabid ponies. Even more with a good enough shrine and proper completion of the rituals. :messenger_winking_tongue:

Our PC "master race" friends are accepted with open arms. They all have a chance to atone for the lack of economic restraint they showed when making hardware purchases by getting a GP subscription.
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Hi All!! I joined just so I can play Hogwarts legacy and talk about it!
It's surreal that people who just want to talk about a fucking video game are made to feel like they're entering an illegal gambling den or something. This time we live in ...

What happened
Somebody set up us the bomb.
Hello I'm new here
We all were, once upon a time. Welcome.
Hello. Hopefully they aren't coming from the other place.
Pretty sure a lot of them are.
Also, did I just see a Bo_Hazem reaction? Welcome back, Sir!
Fuck me - for real?!
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