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New PS Vita colors announced for Japan – Silver and Metallic Red



→ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BKF_ZcBDxjM

Metallic Red

will be available on December 1
In for red probably. Confused between it an orange. Still think Aqua Blue vita is the best looking handheld tho. Might even get another blue one lol.


The red is nicer, but I can't with those borders. Silver meshes better with them, so I've gotta go with that as my favored of the two.
I really dislike the move away from a true two-tone design like the original Vita-2000. The mismatching bezel colours are frankly nasty and early 2000s, and the entire finish is now matte instead of glossy top + matte bottom.

Sony really nailed the original set of Vita-2000 designs with both bright and subdued hues underneath matched to either a white/black top, and it was really tasteful. The blue/white and yellow/white combos are my favourite, but the punchy light purple/black was nice too.


The metallic red looks more orange, not that I mind I like it. Have Japan colours ever come to the west?


The Amiga Brotherhood
Gimme a new handheld instead!
Given sony support i'm not even sure i would buy it though

Does it sell well in Japan?

I'd assume it's well enough since it still gets the amount of new releases it does. I'm not a sales tracker, though.

It sells well enough, this is lastest media create sales data

This week there were nothing relevant for vita, but when a good game is released it enters the charts and if it's multi with ps3 or ps4 there's a good chance it will sell more on vita.


Need to see unboxing or real life pics to judge, i noticed vita colours in these promotional pics never do them justice.
I guess these new ones are gonna come with the latest firmware.

I like both of these. I already have a Vita (homebrew), so am in the market for a second one for PSN and my cart games, but I feel like I want either US or EU model because I prefer the western X and square setup. The Japanese colour options are so much nicer though...argh! I know the blue is available in NA, but I'm not a fan.
Wow glad sony is atleast bringing out new version in Japan, means they have not completely given up on my favorite handheld and possibly console ever. I can keep praying for one day another sony handheld i know its a massive long shot but getting trophies on the go is brilliant for me as have 2 hours a day on the train!


Two new colors--vita saved!
Nah, but at least Sony's still somewhat supporting it with new colors. Not that doing so necessarily requires much effort, but they haven't given up completely. Now we just need an ambassador program, a price cut, and a few dozen first party games and Vita will be back on top, where it belongs!

vita means life


As someone in japan right now, i can confirm that the amount of software for vita is fucking astounding.

Going through the aisles in that big store in akiba makes me so so jealous of people who can read japanese, i need to get started on it. Because there's so many fucking games.

On that note, that red is sexy but not as sexy as my red soulsacrifice vita HARUMPFBRAG
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