NIGHTS: Journey of Dreams E3 Trailer & Gameplay Footage

As I posted in the other thread:

Just downloaded the official trailer and it doesn't look too shabby. Awful "trailer-man" voiceover, but the game itself looks pretty smooth & attractive, more so in the nighttime levels. I'd like to see a better quality trailer first - the GS one seems to be pretty poor quality, at least on my setup - but nothing too worrisome yet.

Just grabbing the gameplay trailer now...
...and having seen the gameplay trailer, I'm pretty happy. Apart from the obvious lack of final stage music, this is looking pretty solid. It doesn't seem to depart too much from the original - though I'm sure more hardcore Nights fans may disagree - and the whole thing looks smooth and clean. Not a graphical showcase by any means, but a pretty games with some nice areas - the nighttime battle with the boss for example. The flow of the game looks about right, but it's hard to judge without going hands-on.

A very promising look at the game, anyway!
I finally broke into laughter at the "wave of your hand" line at the end as the wiimote is sliding across the screen, holy shit :lol

The video itself was alright, not enough to really judge. The voiceover was terrrrrrible though, sounded like a kiddie Disney film thing.


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Doesn't look as bad as I thought it would. I really really want it to be good. Can NiGHTS experts weigh in on how the gameplay looks?
The trailer looked like it tried to emphasise the "magical journey" element, yet the environments don't give me that feeling. On the other hand, it looks more interesting now =)
schuelma said:
Doesn't look as bad as I thought it would. I really really want it to be good. Can NiGHTS experts weigh in on how the gameplay looks?
I'll give my impression from a NIGHTS virgin. You fly through rings. Looks boring.
NiGHTS sure sucks without music. The first level sure looked faithful enough. Now I'm just wondering how well it controls.

The Wii remote with the sparkling as it waves made me laugh.


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From the other thread, since I guess we are talking about this stuff in here now.

me said:
Just saw the gameplay trailer. The video is kind of poor quality, so I can't scrub for details, but you can immediately see the biggest issue is the pretty uninteresting lighting.

Maybe it's the lack of music, but it looks like Nights on valium. And the levels look very large vertically.

I think the first level looks the best. The nightmare level looks really plain and sparse. Overall, I think it doesn't look too far from NiGHTS gameplay wise. I think the key Nights is holding is kind of interesting.
Game looks solid and the CG is very nice in the trailer. Music is cheesy but not bad. It would be much better with the original game's theme.

The voiceover and flying text in the trailer are cringeworthy, though.
Saoh said:
youtube plzzz!!!!!!! for the poor souls surfing on their Wii :(
Trust me, you really don't want a YouTube-butchered version of a trailer that isn't all that high-quality in the first place.

Yeah. Hmm. Hopefully we'll get some gameplay footage, because that really didn't show me anything.
You could always download the gameplay trailer... :D

Anyway, this thread needs more Segata, stat!
FYI: If you were a Nintendo person who dissed on Saturn and ignored NiGHTS, please don't feel like you have to "turn sides" and cling to this particular abomination as it's not representative of the original in any way, shape, or form. okthx
This really must be for the hardcore fans because that gameplay vid did not look any fun. Also, those sound effects are hopefully placemarkers as some of them were terrible, especially the water and the squawking.
Upon watching the gameplay vid I can see this new one does not stray far from the formula. In fact, I might mistake it for a remake just from that opening stage.