Nintendo Japan May Refuse Repair Requests From Customers Who Harass Staff


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This is the dumbest possible thing I've ever read.
Really? Did you read this other post? It seems to beat it in such a completions. Here it is:
Lmao. Every company does this. I'm just surprised it took Nintendo this long to do it.

Besides you as a consumer have to abide by the company's rules. If you can't be bothered to abide by their rules then they have the right to refuse service and for you find another place to get your device repaired.

Of course if you really care about having your devices repaired you'd just learn the damn thing yourself like I did. I learned how to repair iPhones, Androids, iPads, controllers and Switch all by myself through watching Youtube videos for guidance and through careful trial and error because I'd be damned if I spent money on something I already bought or give it to these greedy companies.

Seriously now, first interaction this aggro? Alright…


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Prove what? That the device is faulty?
To what lengths would you want to go to prove it? How long are you willing to discuss this with them if they are declining your claim?
Nintendo refuses your claim, quotes your behaviour as the reason (do they even need to justify themselves?). It seems like the recourse here is suing them or shrugging 🤷‍♂️.


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I would say when it veers into making threats of violence, shouting at staff and verbal abuse.
There is absolutely no reason any of the above should be tolerated, even if you are frustrated about something.
I am not saying it should be, but this is the easy example used to sell a general policy change.
You do not just use extremes to do this. Of course people should not expect to be that abusive to customer service reps, from that to “we will refuse to repair your device under warranty if we think you are not behaving properly but the definition of properly is left to the imagination” is quite a jump. People often just look at extremes and since they do not feel it can be abused and/or it will not affect them are easy to pass harsh decisions/judgements sometimes…

There should be a recourse / way to defend yourself: these calls should be recorded, as they often are, for a reason. For both sides to listen and judge.


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as someone that has worked in IT for a number of years, when I used to do tech support stuff, many companies would have their own polices on when to refuse a call and all had something based on profanity, abuse etc. Even if you had a warranty, we could refuse service after several offenses and they'd be denied a claim.

I always questioned this as, this doesn't actually sound like its based on the company just wanting to be nice to about a living wage if ya'll care so much lol This sounds more like a way to save money as MOST who call regarding a warranty, is based on something that STOPPED WORKING, so of course most will be pissed, granted not every last person is going to be abusive, but I recall using that function on a daily basis, so it adds up and I believe its to avoid repair cost.

So it works for both ends. Employee gets to calm customer down with threat of a denied claim, if not company avoid cost of repair.
Well said :).


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Nintendo refuses your claim, quotes your behaviour as the reason (do they even need to justify themselves?). It seems like the recourse here is suing them or shrugging 🤷‍♂️.
We dont know if they will do that, or how their internal protocol will dictate them to document instances of harassment and subsequent denial of service.
Lets wait and see before we assume the worst,


I read the title as harass stuff and not staff. My mind went to a dark place picturing a Japanese man and what would constitute Switchual Harrasment that would void the warranty. I need to read more carefully because this makes a lot more sense now and is not going to give me nightmares :messenger_mr_smith_who_are_you_going_to_call:
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