Nintendo patched out my offensive Inkling gesture in MK8D

Game just got patched. This is tragic, but I suppose half of Europe will no longer be offended.

Screenshots are mine. Just tested this with an old replay I had saved.



It's a gesture that means "up yours" in many countries. Nintendo just intended it as the Inkling grabbing her bicep, but that's how it looked to some.

A patch note released by Nintendo said an Inkling animation was changed. I immediately suspected this was the one.

So I booted up an old replay, and lo and behold...
That gesture doesn't get a lot of use in the United States. It is really underrated, much classier than flipping the bird which is so overused.
was it patched out in every version or only international versions?

also, people make noise to patch this but not the atrocious item rates? not enough people mad at blue shells, red shells and double lightning being spammed endlessdly and 1st place getting coins 90% of the time?
Nintendo changing it before the keyboard warriors take to Facebook and Twitter with their faux outrage...

But the capture button remembers, Nintendo. The capture button remembers.