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Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa on the company’s philosophy


NeoGAFs Kent Brockman

This information comes from Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa, speaking during the company’s Corporate Management Policy Briefing…

We strive to make consumers of all ages smile through unique forms of play that anyone can intuitively enjoy. Our global teams are dedicated to this mission, and it is as much a part of Nintendo’s DNA today as in the past.
These “unique forms of play” are embodied in our dedicated gaming systems, which are enabled by developing and integrating both hardware and software hand in hand. In this way, we are able to deliver experiences that everyone can enjoy, regardless of age, gender or past gaming experience, and to always create unique products and services that are intuitive and fun to play.

One thing we always pursue with our integrated hardware-software entertainment is that even the touch and feel of the product should be fun. For us, it began in 1889 with the feel of Japanese playing cards (hanafuda), and we have remained mindful of the importance of this sense of tactile interaction through every generation of controllers that connects players to our games. You can find this reflected in the Nintendo Entertainment System, which has two controllers with plus- shaped directional pads. It’s also present in the combination of a stylus and dual screens with Nintendo DS, the freeform movement of the Wii Remote controller, the detachable nature of Nintendo Switch Joy-Con controllers, and every other game system we have released.

Our integrated hardware-software entertainment also helps us create fresh surprises. We are dedicated to finding ways to pleasantly surprising consumers and deliver unique experiences by considering what people will play, when they play, and how they might feel.

That’s how we’re able to keep developing and offering entertainment that’s unlike anything else that came before it, such as the Nintendo Switch hardware itself, the Nintendo Labo series, Ring Fit Adventure and Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit, which we recently announced. The symbiotic relationship between hardware and software in these experiences really create strong connections between Nintendo and our consumers.

Since the days of the Nintendo Entertainment System, fans around the world have inspired and shaped the unique entertainment experiences we provide through our integrated hardware and software products.
The time and energy that fans invest in playing our games, and the memories they make playing with loved ones, is what breathes life into our characters. That’s what Nintendo is all about, and it’s a precious asset for us.
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