Nintendo reaching new markets: Plans for new subsidiary announced

Nintendo announced their plans to expand their business into new markets a while ago. But what will be the first new region Nintendo's goint to tackle, you might wonder. China? India? Brazil? Or something different?

Well, here's your answer: Austria. ;)

Nintendo announced today that they will no longer continue their partnership with Austrian distributor Stadlbauer, who distributed and marketed Nintendo products in the small country since 1979. They plan to open a new office in Vienna in order to directly control the Austrian market.
However, if they are going to establish a proper "Nintendo Austria" is not known. The move was announced by Bernd Fakesch, General Manager of Nintendo Germany, so it's possible that their Austrian business will be a subordinate to Nintendo Germany.



Maturity, bitches.
So what other European countries still have third party distributers? I know Sweden (and the rest of Scandinavia?) has their own.
I'm all for more subsidiaries like this under 2 conditions...

#1: They are actually given autonomy to make decisions for their region

#2: If they prove to be just unprofitable bureaucracy after 5 years they get dissolved.


listen to the mad man
OTOH, Nintendo desperately needs better presence in Europe.

OTOH, when they explicitly said developing markets, I assumed they meant SEA, ME/A, Latin America, and the BRIC.

Pie and Beans

Look for me on the local news, I'll be the guy arrested for trying to burn down a Nintendo exec's house.
I imagine putting more effort into an actual Nintendo UK would make more sense than a country right next door to their current base of operations.
I always thought it was strange that Nintendo´s european main central/ head quarter ....whatever you want to call it...

is in Großostheim in Germany of all places.

....thats like in the middle of nowhere.
Just chiming in with all my fellow scandinavians here and hoping we get our own branch too. It really sucks to never be included in any of the european promotions and events that NOE does.
no surprise
Stadlbauer were TERRIBLE in doing their job. They didn't give a shit post N64 era and tons of people were complaining.

I saw that already coming at the WiiU launch when Nintendo set up an austrian eshop(unlike in Wii times when we had to share the shop with germany).

That's pretty good news! But it won't change the horrible price for VG in Australia...

Oh come on, no fun allowed? :p

Seriously, it's pretty good news. I do remember Switzerland getting their own subsidiary a few months ago. I hope even more European countries will get their own subsidiary, not just for Club Nintendo.

Oh, and somewhat misleading title... adding (Austria) wouldn't have hurt, heh...
Same thing happened to Poland, Stadlbauer has been kicked out because they simply weren't doing their job. Now there gonna be represented by ConQuest and if they fail they will too probably be replaced.

From 1st of March 2014, ConQuest entertainment a.s. will be the Nintendo distributor for the Polish market.
This was well overdue. Nintendo's presence in Poland is next to none.