Nvidia announces Geforce GTX 10 Series - GTX1080 - $599 - May 27th, GTX1070 = $379


I paid good money for this Dynex!
Yeah, I'll buy one. I'm sick of this 680; I'll drop $600 for a 1080 even though it feels like kind of a rip-off at this point.

Thx for tha competition, AMD.
So is it finally time to build a PC? Everyone said to wait until new cards were announced and the price for old ones went down.
That 1070 is going to be hard to get a hold of isn't it? Gonna sell like hot cakes.


The pricing tiers moving up again? I could have swore the 980 was $550 when released. That pricing creep.
It kind of oscillates. IIRC the 780 launched at $650 (at least that's what I paid for it....)
I'm in for a 1070. I just don't want a reference design cooling. Hopefully we will have choices at launch because I am ready to build my new rig NOW.
Unexpectedly beastly!

How many mm^2 is the 1080, again?

EDIT: So, the P100 @ 610 mm^2 has 15.3 transistors, which is 113% more than the 1080. That would make the 1080 a roughly 287 mm^2 part. The Pascal Titan is gonna be insane.
The GTX 1070, assuming there aren't any major flaws found in it, is going to be the GPU of the next 12 months for most people. It's a staggering value proposition.