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Nvidia just announced a handheld - releasing Q2 2013



Logo Disclamier: Its was designed by me and its a placeholder.
To nvidia: If you want to use this really bulky logo, contact me and lets discuss business :p

Shield Recap:

:: Named Shield (codenamed: Thor)
:: Runs on pure android (no bloat-ware or skins)
:: Games are download from: "NVIDIA TegraZone" and "Google's app store"
:: No retail games
:: No exclusive games were announced yet.

:: Tegra 4 (72 cores)
:: Has a bloody heatstink of some sort in a portable
:: Most powerful mobile console (atleast that what he said)
:: It can play 4k videos and "drive" 4k TV sets (that what he said)

:: Shaped like a controller
:: 5-inch, 720p Retinal multitouch display with 294ppi pixel density
:: The 5 inch touchscreen has a customizable plate
:: Custom bass reflex system with tuned ports for sound.
:: Controls are all the controls a gamer would expect (pressure sesitve triggers, clickable sticks etc.)
:: Micro SD support.
:: Audio out, Hdmi Out, USB support.

:: Battery lasts from 5-10 hours while gaming or 24 hours of HD video playback (according to verge)
:: Can stream from PC (like WiiuTab from Wiiu), and then can stream that same image to your TV (PC streaming requires a router)
:: Could also to cloud gaming (much like any other mobile/tablet)
:: Does local multiplayer wireless.

:: No price, storage announced
:: Coming out Q2

Site: http://shield.nvidia.com/

This teaser was not a video but a realtime render which run on Shield.
(Its probably the only "graphics demo" of shorts)


Tegra 4 example game: Dead Trigger 2. (not built up for Shield but made for Tegra 4)
Edit: Its seems to be more likely a multi-platform game, most likly going come out iOS and older androids. like the first Dead Trigger.


Console playing all ready available android games (nothing made up from ground up for it yet)





Can't quite make out the buttons from that pic...also is it android? Looks way too big for android..

Bob White

This year is gonna be fucking awesome! First conference of the year and we already got a bomb drop!

....nvidia handheld or...something? lol...awesome


hide your water-based mammals
It looks more like a portable player but with outputs. It runs on Android as well so maybe in competition with Ouya.


Price is going to be key on this thing. Hardware looks pretty nice, HDMI out, expandable storage....

Pure Android? Stock? Very, very nice, NVidia. I wonder if Google is working on this thing with them.


I will pre-order the shit out of this.

Yeah, we needed anoter handheld gaming platform... !

Given how little attention Nintendo and Sony are paying to their current handhelds and the fact iOS isn't really suited to traditional action games I welcome any newcomers with open arms.

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I guess that's what happens when all the console manufacturers go with AMD this generation.

Open platform, HDMI out, triggers. Boom.

Already 1000x more appealing than a 3DS/Vita.

Except for, you know, games.


Open platform, HDMI out, triggers. Boom.

Already 1000x more appealing than a 3DS/Vita.

Well, if it also had Zelda and Bravely Default i would trade my 3DS in :)

But until it gets a game i cant live without, 3DS will remain my only handheld
Ouya am cry.

It's ugly as shit but it does everything that we wish a real handheld would do, plus it has all the buttons of a PS360 controller.

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Totally the XBoy.

Really reminds me of the original Xbox's design.
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