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if it makes you babbies feel better blue ninja has the OT now. i'll post my shit within the thread/make a new thread when its done.

just for reference i wasn't and im not going to shit on mass effect. hooly shit you guys take this shit wayy to personally. holy moly.
Excuuuuse me, Princess! ;) Internet forums serious business... Sorry if my participation in this affect your decision to carry the OT :(

No, you're gonna get a spot in the OP, because I feel kinda bad about the controversy. Just send it to me when you're finished.
Looking forward to the combined OT, you're a class act Blue Ninja.
If no one's claimed it yet, I'd love to do the |OT| for Persona 4: Ultimate Mayonaka Arena. Big Persona fan, big fighting game fan, perfect thread for me to get passionate about.
I would like to try and make my first OT.

Inazuma Eleven 2: Firestorm and Blizzard by squall23 (24 February 2012)

If possible, I'd also like to ask for a graphic collaborator, mainly for the banner consisting of the main character of each respective game.
Is anyone doing the Shinobido 2 OT? I'd like to make one for it just to have a place to discuss it, and the Vita thread moves too fast for the amount of people who have Shinobido 2 there (which isn't a lot).
I don't know if I need to ask but are there any rules on actual OT's?
Just wanted to ask if I could do one for an indie game called Vessel, hitting PC/Steam March 2nd and consoles later, thought I would put my interest in here.
Can I use steam/game dev site to pull quotes/descriptions from, as long as I give them credit?
If a game's release date is 03.21, then can I put up the |OT| tomorrow safely, right? (Sine Mora)
(Do not know what timezone should it be measured against, obviously :D)


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I volunteer for the Google I/O 2012 |OT|, which is taking place from June 27 to 29. Unless the tickets sell out, I'll be there, but I'll have my smartphone ready for thread updates and the like live from the conferences.


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I also volunteer for the Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated |OT| for the second season, which premiers on May 3.

Are there different rules for non-gaming OTs? A week before release seems excessive for this one and the Google I/O one.
I earlier 'claimed' the OT for KH3D for the western release, but I pretty much have one ready to go for the Japanese release if no else was planning on doing it...

EDIT: Guess not lol
I'm interested in making an OT for Legend of Grimrock. The game seems to be in its final stages of development (knock on wood) for an early April release and it would be cool to raise a little more awareness. I'll update this post when there's a date down for release.

Legend of Grimrock by Songbird (20th March 2012)

We put the current date in the brackets, yes?
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