Overwatch |OT11| Have Mercy

Oct 6, 2012
I finally did it and made it into GM. This season has been insane, every game pretty much whole team cooperating and in voice. And best of all there have been plenty of tank mains so I could just focus on Dva. The placements putting me 200 higher than I finished last season (3600) was a massive help as the quality of the matches is like night and day.
I think i'm done with this account and will focus on my main.
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Feb 28, 2010
I was not carried since I always solo queue. Looking at my statistics my main heroes are master and sometimes even GM level.

There is a reason Hanzo is hated so much. He is the hardest hero in the game. Therefor only a small amount of people are good with him.

edit: aaaaaaaaand another loss thanks to a shitty Hanzo refusing to switch. It's amazing how delusional they are int his game.
You can be carried in solo by a wave of positive variance. And i agree hanzo mains are mostly trash but theres an equal probability they will be on enemy team


Jan 9, 2009
I guess most of the old guard are gone, because otherwise there would be a lot more discussion about the Winter Wonderland event.

Managed to get a dual legendary chest tonight...
...tokens, and...
...a non-holiday skin (Sunyatta).

Aside from Orisa's puppy emote, I don't know there's anything I'm overly compelled to buy this time around.
May 11, 2011
Thanks to the yeti hunt games, I managed to open 4 chests today. I got one Legendary costume - Tracers Elf outfit from last year :(

I don't know there's anything I'm overly compelled to buy this time around.
Yeah, there isnt anything in there I really want either. I kind of like Sombras icy elf outfit though. I'll put a few hours in, to chase that.
Mar 10, 2015
Austin, TX
Hi all, I was actually looking to see if there was an old Overwatch community topic I could ressurrect but didn't see one. I'm looking for some people to play OW with, I played with some GAFers way back when at release but kind of drifted away. I randomly ran into one of them in an Arcade mystery heroes game the other day and it made me want to see if anyone here is interested in playing :) I'm on PS4, west coast, play for at least an hour or two most evenings. I'm open to comp (2900-3k skill rating) but I mostly just do Arcade and Quickplay. I always use a headset and I'd prefer to play with people who talk, it's just more fun that way :) My PSN is Ellery01, feel free to hit me up!
Jan 10, 2018
EU PS4 player here looking for people to play comp with and reach Master rank, im a Diamond player who mains Zenyatta and Soldier, feel free to add me on Subutai_HD on PSN
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May 11, 2011
I cant play this game at all right now.
Im in Australia on XB1 and despite having a DL speed of 30mb and an open NAT, the update wont download. I tried restarting the XB1 and router multiple times etc, but no luck. It took half an hour to download 16kb. lol
I hope it works tomorrow, because I wanted to play this event.
Jul 21, 2018
I love almost every Overwatch map and the new Busan one isn't exception. The art style and colors are very pleasing to look at. The people who made them are very talented.

Hanamura give me strong "No one lives forever II" vibes.