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Persona 3 Remake and new Jet Set Radio game footage appears online

It was teaser for new Fantasy RPG by Hashino (creators of Persona 3,4,5 and Catherine) after he left Persona Team and created Studio Zero……That was loooooong time ago.

The game itself is an elaborate ruse. Project re fantasy just exists as an image of an elf girl in armor. It's an ARG meant to implant memories that you'll forget until they reemerge during a bad (good?) trip. One day all you'll see is the elf girl and nothing else. Then your life will begin.
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These P3 rumors have been going around for over a year now. Let's see some receipts!

And as far as Re-Fantasy goes, that got to be in development hell at this juncture considering we haven't seen it heard anything since initial reveal.


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Day one for a Jet Set Radio anything. I hope they keep the existing soundtrack, and maybe add a bit more.


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Reminder that Persona Central is literally just a fan site run by former gaffer and full time personality vacuum F FluxWaveZ

You can see from the article, it's speculation based on past behaviour rather than anything they actually 'know'.

It's a solid guess, but this is all guesswork.
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