Persona 4 now on North American PSN as a PS2 Classic - $9.99

I fear that P4G might have spoiled me in terms of additional content but hey, I'd feel more comfortable playing P4 on the TV for the most part.

Also I suppose this will have the old voice actors in it.

Brandon F

Well congratulations! You got yourself caught!
Nice, but Golden really did add a lot of great features and content I'd hate to not have on console as well.
They should make a PS2 classic version of Noctune and other Atlus titles before they do this...Persona 4 already has a definitive version that is relatively new.
But I already have P4 Golden.
And also P3 Portable, P3 FES, P2 Innocent Sin (PSP ver), P2 Eternal Punishment, Persona (PSP).

And I just bought Kuzunoha Raidou.

God damn ATLUS, you took all my money!
I just finished P4 a few weeks ago. Never have I become a fan of a game series so quickly. Would probably double-dip if this came to PS3, but for now I want to make Persona 3 Portable my next foray into this world.

If anyone out there has a Vita, hasn't played P4G, and has even a passing interest in what it might be like to be an exchange student in Japan for a year, play P4G. You'll love it.
Would rather have a PS3 version of Golden, but if this is the only option I'll take it. I just hope too much isn't messed up that Golden fixed.
They should seriously consider porting Golden to the PS4 (and PS3, if possible). There's just no way I'm going back to pre-Golden Personae considering how that game let you choose which abilities to pass on to new Personae. I can't go back to dice rolls and frustration.