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Phil Spencer wants to buy Nintendo: i honestly believe a good move for both companies


Also, like JESUS they're arrogant for a company which has never won a hardware generation.

Kind of an arrogant reply considering ms has had s huge share of the gaming market for 20 years, but ok. Your statement is akin to saying subway and Starbucks combined are dumb and crazy for wanting to expand because mcdonalds is the market leader.
Even Nintendo at some points would fall under your statement.

Honestly, if they have the cash, why wouldn't ms want to aquire some of the most talented game programmers in the world? They would actually be dumb not to.

Sad biased post really.
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My tears. Exclusive to gamepass. Forever.
Probably the worst thing that can happen in gaming.
Let's put it this way: we all appreciate Phil even the Sony fans appreciate him in a way because he actually looks like someone who creates stuff because he loves gaming and this type of people is welcome in this industry BUT people come and go and Microsoft remains and thats the problem. Nintendo under Sony or (especially) Microsoft will be destined to mediocrity.
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Just bring back call of duty on Switch 2 !!

I don't think Nintendo needs to be owned by American though LOL 🦅🇺🇲 what's their next acquisition? Toyota?
The only way they get Nintendo is by hostile takeover. At this point, all the gaming companies in the world must unite to commence a hostile takeover of Microsoft and send Phil packing.


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Lol how stupid Phil is.
They are 100% killing physical games. Devaluing whole industry with gp. Taking games away from ps while praising “we all play bs”.
Microsoft is the worst and continues to be the worst. I don’t understand why Xbox exists at all. It got nothing to offer and all it does is damage the industry
I honestly wouldn't bet on it, I see a very weak Nintendo on the communication side and we need to understand if a Switch 2 will be as successful as the first.

Honestly, to me Nintendo almost seems like an MS branch for a few years, since Reggie left.

Nintendo has been financially solvent in way worse times. A Switch 2 that only moved a fraction as many units would likely still be a success.


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These guys are really hard to like. Like we suspected, everything they do is with a view to eating up other companies that actually have worked to create things. I mean everyone should be somewhat skeptical of any corporation, but MS in particular seem to want to stick their nose everywhere, and assume their presence is in the best interstes of others. Nintendo are doing fine without them, and long may that continue.

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So because I don’t post as much as others, I am not allowed to contribute with my opinion?

I have always loved Nintendo and Xbox games, so why would a joint venture, even if just for one console/generation be a negative thing?

Yes, please, enlighten us with your oh so conveniently timely "opinion".

If you truly love Nintendo then you would have no reason for wanting this to happen. Save everyone the bullshit.
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Nintendo games on PC and Xbox hardware and online infrastructure would be awesome as long as it would be a merger or joint venture and not an acquisition.
Why do they have to be bought for this to happen? If Nintendo wanted to do any of this they could do it tomorrow and retain complete independence.

If people are thinking that a company can't do these things without MS (cloud in particular) then maybe the CMA do have a point?


XBOX are the trust-fund brats of the industry:

"Daddy, I want Nintendo! Buy me Nintendo!"
"But son, we already bought you a bunch of studios and publishers and you never play with them..."

Honestly, Nintendo joining Microsoft would be like when Woody and Buzz walked into Sid's bedroom.
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Valve is a private company and gabe newell owns more than 50% of it and I doubt he cares about more money at this point since steam is just generating passive income for the company.

Everyone has a price.

I've said it before. Give it a decade or so and all gaming publishers and services will be owned by Microsoft, Apple and possibly Amazon. Even Sony and Nintendo will be gobbled up.

When a new indy developer starts up, it instantly start a bidding war between the gaming Empires. Billions will be spent on a single indy developer. Further in the future, full blown wars will be fought with private armies for the chance to control a single developer.


Nintendo has been financially solvent in way worse times. A Switch 2 that only moved a fraction as many units would likely still be a success.
I believe so too but you never know. If I were Nintendo I would throw it out as soon as possible, before the market is steered in a certain direction.


That would be amazing. The only way we will ever see Nintendo games with up to date performance. How great would it be to have ToTK on XSX.

That said I highly doubt this will ever be more than a tingle in Spencers pants.
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