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Pics from Xbox One Launch in Russia, 15k+ Pre Orders

Miles X

Aug 5, 2011

(Google Translated)

"Next-generation consoles Xbox One of Microsoft officially launched in Russia. Last night in Moscow hosted a party for the launch of the system , which brought a lot of fans Xbox. The special guest of the holiday of Event was Denis Glushakov midfielder Moscow "Spartak" and the Russian national team .

In Russia, Xbox One console is available in a complete set , which includes the console with a hard drive of 500 GB , wireless controller, headset , HDMI- cable and a 14-day trial subscription Gold Xbox Live Gold, for a suggested retail price of 20 990 rubles . Online is also available with a new set of sensor Kinect, the recommended retail price of which is 27 499 rubles.

Customers pre-order , which started on July 15 had the opportunity to purchase Xbox One of the special limited edition . Included with each of these console comes with two games : Forza Motorsport 5 and FIFA 15. suggested retail price set pre-order is 20 990 rubles .

In just two months, more than 15 000 people across Russia took advantage of the offer pre-order Xbox One, to be the first buyers of the console in our country.

"We are delighted to see such enthusiasm among our loyal fans - said the head of entertainment hardware platforms from Microsoft Andrei Kalugin . - Such enthusiasm - the best evidence of the grand prospects for Xbox One in Russia. We are confident that we can meet the highest expectations of fans Xbox: before the end of the year all of our console owners will be able to enjoy such great exclusives as Forza Horizon 2 , Sunset Overdrive and Halo: The Master Chief Collection. Ahead of us all waiting for more exciting games and amazing discoveries that will give us a new generation entertainment system Xbox One"



May 28, 2014
Well, looks like it's going better than the Japan launch.

Which, admittedly, isn't a particularly high bar to clear :p


Dec 4, 2007
Saint Louis / New York City
15,000 pre-orders, that doesn't sound like a lot, does it?

It's certainly not going to move the needle. It may also give us a general sense of what to expect in sales from these newer markets. Russia and China and Brazil are dominated by the mobile and PC segments, so there's reason to believe that the consoles will have relative difficulty moving in. It isn't like they're moving in to a market that is empty, waiting for a savior.

Strong advertising can be a distinguishing feature, however. It could go either way, but this isn't a good first sign.


Feb 10, 2014
Anyone know what the home gaming scene has been like in Russia over the generations from Atari/NES onwards?


Sep 26, 2013
Heh. A literal Xbot. Is 15K good by Russia standards? It's certainly less barren than pics of the Japanese launch, but I'm not sure anyone expected better there.

Console market is not as big as in other EU countries, also PC is the main platform here because of the game prices


Oct 18, 2012
It could go either way, but this isn't a good first sign.

Are you basing that on volume comparison to other console launches? I'm not especially familiar with the market, but that seems like the most reasonable way to answer the question of how successful this is for pre-orders.