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Are you aware you just reposted something that's on the same page?

After just slagging people off for ruining this thread?
Yes, that's what happened. I didn't make a passive-aggressive statement about people who are so wrapped up in bitching about reposts and whatever the hell else that they don't appreciate it when someone actually posts something funny (and I saw several genuinely funny pictures posted on that page that were, tragically, buried in shit). I slagged people off for ruining this thread, I did.

But we're not arguing here. We're not, no matter how you or anyone chooses to respond to this text.

It's all about the images, baby:

This one is old, yes. But it hasn't been posted in a long time. Somehow you will survive:
CHEEZMO™;35496851 said:
I fucking hate sites that put their shitty watermark or logo bar on every fucking thing.
Yeah, Canvas just started doing that recently. I'm going there as often as I used to for funny pics; next time I post something from there I'll just crop the logo out.
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