Ping Pong Sim Eleven Table Tennis Planned for PSVR2


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PS Move was holding developer back

Uber-accurate ping pong simulation Eleven Table Tennis is “planned” for PlayStation 5’s next-gen virtual reality headset PSVR2, according to a developer on the game’s official subreddit. When asked by a fan if a port was in the pipeline, a spokesperson said: “PS Move controller tracking is the only thing that prevented this from a PSVR release.”

Obviously, the new PSVR2 Sense Controllers will be a lot more accurate, and will also bundle in features like haptic feedback, which should feel great in a table tennis title. Eleven Table Tennis is already available on Meta Quest 2, and is widely regarded as the most accurate and authentic table tennis sim ever made.

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Do we really need a seperate thread for each of the 100+ vr titles that will obviously be ported to the psvr2?

Go take look at the oculus store right now, 90% of what you see will be coming.
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That's awesome, cant wait to play it.

I've been in gaming all my life(im 40yo now) and honestly VR is the future, its really amazing i would even dare to say its a gamechanger. When i tried simracing with VR for the first time a was actually speechless
Same here and almost the same age! I actually got excited to play something like this, had a blast playing the likes of it even on PS Move lol.

VR is a revolution, it is such an innovative way to play games and PSVR2 will be a perfect solution to me. Day zero!


Probably my favorite and most played game on rift s. Though I do love table tennis it's obviously hard to have a full size table at home. This plays and looks just like the real thing which is quite an achievement considering the speed of the game. Though you still need a large VR area to play this game.


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That game is by far the best ping pong game ever created, played on my rift some years ago.
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