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PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) sells [16] million copies


If only it had loot boxes. /S

It does!



Good idea. Next thread at 20 mil which will be probably sometime before the end of the year at this pace.


This game is phenomena. I can't even imagine Battlefield and Call of Duty selling better.

Congrats to Playerunknown, couldn't happen to a better guy!
The insane thing is where does it level off at? Like it shows zero signs of stopping and there is still the console version to come

It's gonna cross 20 million in no time
We're going to get so many games with battle royale modes in the next few years. I've yet to grab it, but I certainly will soon


If all DLC came tied to $13 figurines, I'd consider all DLC to be free
Crazy numbers... Especially for a PC only release right now, congrats to the devs.

Really interested to see where and when it will end as well how it'll perform after more clones are out next year.


I haven't even seen footage, haha. It sounds fun and I'm genuinely excited to play it, but I'm not going to bother looking it up till it's on a platform I have.


This must be China etc right?? I feel like the development cycle has slowed to a crawl and haven't touched it in weeks (of course I am me, and not you, but I can't be alone in this).

I just hope they can add a map, improve server performance (like when I see blood I want it to register as a hit at least occasionally), fix (if they do) vehicle physics, add vaulting / better player controls, optimize it extensively, and do something for directional sounds to not be as vague as they are for anyone not rocking 7.1, then I'll be back for 1.0. (I will certainly pop in for a random match now and then before then though)

(I just have this sense that this will enter a period of 'dev hell' like so many other EA titles that were so close to 'done' before they realized they weren't close).
I don't like most shooters and this has been great fun to me. I think if they add vaulting as well as improve the gunplay and controls in general a bit, this will go down as one of the best shooters. It's certainly one of the most tense and captivating ones I've payed.


Why is there such a high discrepancy between Players and Owners in China and Korea?

Internet cafés?

It's what percent of the playerbase in the last two weeks comes from those regions versus the geographic breakdown of all the game's owners.


Ahh yes, the daily PUBG stats thread.

Only a matter of time before all other video games become obsolete and everyone is playing PUBG. It will be a staple in every home, much like a fridge or microwave.
Why do people keep saying stuff like this?

Because of how stupid it is that people who are mad about multiplayer games want to talk about how it isn't GOTY-worthy, mostly.

Why is there such a high discrepancy between Players and Owners in China and Korea?

They're each percentages of the whole so it just means a larger portion of Chinese owners are playing on average in each two week period. (Which doesn't seem weird, an owner in China is more likely to have this as their primary game they're currently playing than someone in the US.)


The most surprising thing, for me, is that Japan is eating it up too. It even surpassed Brazil, a country with a strong PC playerbase. And everyone around here is playing it, so the thought that Japan has more players than us is mind blowing.

Yeah it's actually pretty darn big in Japan. Who would have thought?
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