Playstation storefront on iOS reveals Uncharted the Nathan Drake collection

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just saw it pop up on my twitter timeline, looked myself shortly after and can confirm it was there for me as of 11:29pm

as if we didnt know it was coming.

Credit to Greg miller for the tweet and discovery.


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Trying to match the Master Chief collection I guess. Well, don't match it too closely, if you know what I'm getting at...


it's like "The Master Chief Collection" but with "Nathan Drake" instead of "Master Chief" so that makes it sound like a collection of games starring Nathan Drake.



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Oh hell yes.

I guess they wanted to combat the master chief collection with the title? Either way I hope it ports well.


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I've played all three and have platinums on all three. It seems that three more platinums are in line for me.


Ah, so the expected announcement was, well, announced in a way :). Great news honestly, as a lot of PS4 owners never owned a PS3, so giving them a way to play one of the great PS3 trilogies is nice :D.

Between this and the Last of Us Remaster.....two of Naughty Dog's big franchises are on PS4 right now :D! I wonder if a Jak Collection port is next; they could include Jak X, Daxter and Lost Fronter to make the PS4 collection more inciting compared to the PS3 Collection (the former two games are great tittles, so giving them more exposure would be nice I think).

I'm sure the HD remake of Crash 1 would be enough for now in covering that Naughty Dog series :D.....Please make that happen Sony.
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