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NeoGAF respects your privacy. This document explains our policy relating to the personal data that is received by us.

Information Collected
NeoGAF's server automatically records information when you visit our website, including your IP address and browser used. Additionally, at the time of registration, we retain data on your email address and any other information that you choose to denote in your profile. We also use cookies to store your account information for a convenient browsing experience.

Third parties outside of NeoGAF may receive aggregated non-personal information. Under limited circumstances we may share personal information with third parties as well, including when complying with legal matters and also when ensuring the security of our site and related services.

Your Choices
Personal information fields in your profile, outside of the necessary information to process and approve your account, are entirely optional and at your discretion to provide. Your account information at signup, specifically your valid ISP, college, or workplace email address, is necessary to post on NeoGAF and to ensure that we are not attacked by anonymous, malicious users. If you do not wish to provide this information, please do not register to post at NeoGAF, as you can still read select subforums as an unregistered guest.

Additional Information
NeoGAF may automatically convert outbound hyperlink clicks to function as part of affiliate programs. Details, including an opt-out option.

For more information on privacy concerns, please email us.

Updated September 3rd, 2018
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